Protecting From Panic Attacks Knowing Its Signs.

Panic attack is experienced by nearly 5% of our nation’s population and it’s so agonizing for these people when they go through this attack. This affects all sects of people and specially teenagers because they do not know the methods properly to handle the stress in their life. This can come all of a sudden without an indication and even the patient might not be aware of it. This can immobilize a person for sometime and your body can naturally handle it without medical attention for sometime.

Listed below are some of the symptoms that need immediate attention of the medical profession these can either be physical and psychological and can show up suddenly.

• Fear of Death — The person who is going through a panic attack may even feel that he is going to come to the end of his life or become mad. But his disorder however has no connection with his fear.

• {Palpitations –the heart of the patient can pound due to the incontrollable fear that he is feeling.|Palpitations –the person heart beats faster and he is able to feel and hear his own heart beat and this happens because of his fear.|Palpitations –Because of his untold fear his hart begins to thump faster than normal.

• Shortness of breath –often, this will come with chest pains. Often, this leads to hyperventilation.| Shortness of Breath –This will further lead to discomfort in chest in other words hyperventilation.|Shortness of Breath. Chest discomfort happens because of this which will result in hyperventilation.
• Trembling and shaking – this is caused by the terror and at times, it can even come to the point where the sufferer would be almost paralyzed.Shiver and Tremble –This is because of the fear factor in the patient which may paralyze the patient.
• Nausea. – This happens because you experience an uneasy feeling in the stomach. This may make the person experience giddiness and later he faints
• Depersonalization –this is sometimes the body’s defense mechanism when it is caught in incidents where they feel they cannot control the situation
• Paresthesias –this is a condition where one would experience tingling sensations or numbness in their bodies.
• Chills or hot flashes –any of these two may also be experienced by the sufferer. The chills would only aggravate the trembling causing the shaking to be uncontrollable.

Listed above are some of the signs that the patient experiences. These attacks can immobilize a person and thus the patient loses the ability to communicate to others about his experience. Another kind of panic attack is called noctumal panic attack where a patient has an attack when he is asleep during night. These patients develop breathing problems and may wake up all of a sudden and experience fear and shock. The duration of the shock is for more than 10 minutes and the patients really it very difficult to get over the trauma caused by these attacks.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent experiencing panic attack. People with panic disorders can protect themselves from another episode. Below are some of the things that can help.

• Certain intake of medicines, foods and drinks like coffee tea and alcohol should be reduced as a prevention.
• Engage yourself in proper breathing exercises as it can help you relax. In fact, this is one of effective stress management techniques. Doing yoga regularly can also help you out. In addition, aerobic classes can e effective in reducing the chance of having an attack
• Maintain a healthy outlook on life. Share your problems with someone you know and trust. A problem shared is a problem halved. This will enlighten the burden that you are feeling. Always believe that problems will come to pass and having it is normal

• Do some work out with your large muscles and your shoulders while having an attack. This will else you and will stop the attack. Then inform yourself and the people around that you are perfectly alright and will not die.

If the person who had an attack has other medical problem then he should not do any exercise because this may lead to a heat attack and further complicate things and endanger his life.

Article by Beth Kaminski who is an expert in anxiety disorder. For more information on panic attack cure, visit her site today.

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