Posture Exercises Will Help You Improve Your Posture.

Do you think you have a possibility of losing your good posture someday?

There used to be a time when people lose their posture as they age but since the dawn of computers, even young people show signs of deteriorating postures.

How did that come to happen?

Aside from spending hours in front of the computer, there are other activities we do that can enforce bad posture. These motions would need our back to be bent or curved forward. Our chest muscles tend to tighten up and back muscles become overstretched as a result. The reason why hip and lower back problems develop is because of muscles like quads and hamstrings that tighten up.Now, before you do these exercises I strongly recommend that you see a health practitioner first to make sure that there are no serious conditions to deal with.

So it’s maybe the right time for you to take a serious look at the way you look to others. Have a friend take photos of you standing front-on and another side-on to the camera. Try to stand as you usually do, without trying to look better – you’ll be defeating the purpose if you don’t. Draw a line from the nose through the center down to the floor or a plumb line on the front-on picture, and then on the side-on picture, draw a line from the ear through the side of the body down to the floor.

The features to look for are the following:

* Where’s your head? Is it too far forward or perhaps leaning to one side?

* Where are your shoulders? Are they curing in forward or perhaps one is lower than the other?

* Where are the hips? Are they level, or perhaps one is higher or maybe they thrust forward too much?

* Check on your back this time, is it flat or is it curving forward?

* Are your feet sloping outwards? Or inwards? If this is the case, you need to have this checked with a podiatrist.

What is the solution? – Here are 3 simple posture exercises that will help you improve your posture :

1. For your head & upper back: While standing straight, pull your shoulder-blades downwards for immediate relief from neck strain and shoulder muscle pains. Do these everyday for as many times as you like and your posture will improve eventually.

2. For Lower Back:Try stretching your hamstrings – all you need to do is throw your leg up on a chair, place hands either side on the chair and lean forward. If you cannot get your head to within 1/3 meter from your knee, you have very tight hamstrings which are a big problem for posture.

3. For Core Strength Exercises: This exercises called Hundreds: On your back, lie on the floor. Raise your head and shoulder blades off the floor with legs raised at an angle of 45 degrees. Straighten your arms and pump it up and down. Do this every day until you get to 100 pumps.

And do the oldest trick in the book, take care of your body. Be consciously aware of how you are sitting (on your sit bones) and not lolling too much. While walking, hold your chin up and don’t look down on the ground. Get doing these posture exercises and they will help you improve your posture. Not only will you look good, you’ll also feel good about yourself.

Pamela White is a qualified and experienced Pilates exercises and posture exercises tips and techniques to help you feel great and improve your posture.

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