Permanent Hair Removal- The Best of Two Options

There are thousands of people looking into the laser vs. electrolysis treatment research today. They are considered to be the top 2 options when you’re ready to utilize a permanent hair removal solution. Today we want to summarize the information revolving around both of them.

How do they Work?
The easiest way to explain electrolysis is that they take a needle and penetrate the skin into the hair follicle. It’s not the prettiest picture we can paint here, but during the treatment there will be an electric current that shoots through the needle. Sound comfortable? Laser treatments simply use a laser beam that penetrates the skin.

There is no way to give you an exact number here, so instead we are going to pass on the characteristics you will see to determine the total:

-Session duration
– Number of sessions
-Pricing of each session
-Area to be treated

Now, an important area to cover is that the duration process is different between laser hair removal and electrolysis. We’ll get into that shortly, but for now it’s important to know for the information ahead. We will tell you though that if you’re looking for a hair removal procedure that is laser based, the completion time is usually around 3-4 treatments.

Now this is an area that offers major differences. When you look at electrolysis, it’s had years to show how effective of a treatment it can be. In fact, it’s had around 120 years to give us an inside look at the benefits. The problem is it still can’t guarantee permanent hair removal. If you take a look at laser removal it has shown a 30%-40% hair reduction after completing the treatment. Plus, taking this route will allow you to take care of bigger areas like your back, chest and legs.

Procedures and Pain
Ah yes, there is nothing like worrying about the pain of a procedure before you even bet there. Good news for those who utilize a laser procedure, the pain isn’t there and then there is no uncomfortable stimulus directly. Electrolysis on the other hand can be extremely painful when the nerves of the skin are involved. So if you have sensitive skin we highly recommend not taking this route.

Are they Risk Free?
Is anything really risk free? Even though you probably guessed that the laser hair removal option is your best choice, you could still see redness, scarring and possible darkening of the skin after a treatment. It’s not a permanent issue, but simply a side effect as they eventually fade away. Electrolysis has the possibility of causing infections, as well as other issues. If the procedure isn’t done properly it could be even worse.

How many Sessions are Needed?
We mentioned this a little bit ago that laser hair removal only requires 3-4 treatments. This is great because the results happen fast and the savings on money is phenomenal. Electrolysis requires that you have a certain amount of “successful” treatments. Really? So basically they are saying you could go two or three times in a row with no results? Needless to say it can make electrolysis a long drawn out and painful process.

We will tell you that there is no 100% effective ways to build a permanent hair removal regimen from an area of your body. Then again, if you use a laser it is considered the closest procedure to nirvana. In the end you can see that laser hair removal has many more benefits than electrolysis.

Ingrid B. Preube
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