Pain In The Hips Following A Hip Replacement Surgery

It is not uncommon to have hip pain following a hip replacement surgery. When one needs a hip replacement, there is usually enough damage on the hip joint to cause it pain and it would be aggravated by the surgery. Nerve damage is a possibility if one goes through a delicate operation such as a hip replacement.

All these considering, it does not help that there are some manufacturers that create hip replacement devices which do not work as well as they were supposed to. In fact, a woman from Texas slapped Depuy with an ASR lawsuit to try to recover her losses from having to undergo several more hip replacement procedures due to the defective hip implants.

It’s not easy for patients to suffer from chronic post-surgical pain. There have been cases where patients suffer from chronic pain and their visits to orthopedists resulted in them getting sent home with painkillers. The tests made on the hip replacements were to find for any loosening and if doctors can’t find anything, they usually think there’s nothing more they can do. Doctors claim that with the current MRI sequences, finding out the source of the pain is highly improbable.

Two of DePuy’s ASR hip replacement devices were recalled due to the inherent design flaw found in them. Approximately 93,000 individuals received either one of these implants and are now victims of the hip recall made on the devices. A revision surgery is required of affected recipients to remove the defective implant. Having these ASR implants often result in pain, dislocation, loosening and the more serious cobalt and chromium poisoning. This could lead to a more complex and even fatal health condition.

Generally speaking, hip implants should last from 15 to 20 years. DePuy’s ASRs were found to fail within five years and even less. If you have undergone a hip replacement surgery after 2003, there is a chance you were implanted with a DePuy device. Consult your physician on the matter and if you find that you have been harmed by a DePuy device, speaking with a highly competent lawyer would better your chances of receiving compensation. You’ve already suffered enough as it is. You’ll get more updates and information when you visit the ASR Hip Recall website.

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