Overcoming Diabetes

It’s basically common knowledge that once you have type 2 diabetes, you have it forever, but common knowledge is not always right. Remember, it was once thought that the Earth was flat. You all know that’s not true. The truth is that scientists have recently identified 3 different ways to cure type II diabetes.

Low-Carb Diet Programs

Low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins and the South Beach Diet are controversial, especially among nutrition experts. Even so, numerous medical doctors have used these kinds of diets with their patients and found that they seem to work well. By drastically reducing the amount of carbs that are eaten, your body is forced to use protein for energy and start burning the excess fat deposits which have developed. The explanation for why and how this works is long and complex, but the thing that really matters is that it works. And these kinds of diets are good not only for treating type II diabetes, but for reducing your weight as well.

Very Low-Calorie Diet Programs

Research recently revealed in the Diabetologia journal studied eleven individuals who had type II diabetes. These people were put on a 600 calorie per day diet for eight weeks. During this time, their diets consisted entirely of non-starchy vegetables and meal replacement drinks. After the 1st week, their fasting glucose was normal, and by the end of the study their level of insulin sensitivity had also returned to normal. Be sure to have supervision by your doctor if you want to try this diet, since extreme calorie restriction is not safe for just anyone.

Weight Loss Surgery

For type II diabetes sufferers who have a BMI above 35, bariatric surgery is an option. Depending on the sort of procedure, around 60-80% of diabetes patients who undergo bariatric surgery are able to quit taking their diabetes medication anywhere from a few days to a few weeks following the surgery. Even though the results are not necessarily permanent, they last a minumum of one or two years in most patients who undergo surgery, and over 35% of the patients who were studied still had their blood sugar levels under control a decade later. Bariatric surgery is really costly, though, so it is almost certainly better to attempt the diet methods before you consider surgery.

Type II Diabetes is a serious disorder that can cause major complications, so it is necessary to do what you can to keep it in check. By using a diabetes elimination diet with your doctor’s guidance, you may manage to eliminate diabetes completely.

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