Omega-3 For General Health: The Subtle Benefits

Omega-3 fish oil is a hidden treasure of nutrition. It’s mainstream now as far as advertising and its advertising and marketing on packaging but I don’t think people know the true subtle benefits felt on a daily basis.
The very first time I took some of the 100 % pure pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 fish oil I slept a deep sleep. In the middle of this sleep I woke and was so lethargic that I felt as if I’d been anesthetized. I read about this in a book by Dr. Barry Sears and it stated this was one of the potential side effects when you first begin taking Omega-3. I rapidly fell back to sleep and woke up feeling rested.

As the months passed I over time felt more confident in personality meaning if nearly anything negative came along it would roll off me like water off a duck’s back. Challenges and incidents that before would’ve made me angry became passing problems or mere problems to deal with.

I also realized that my skin and hair became significantly softer and much more resilient. Also my shoulders which are painful since overtraining years ago progressively felt less tight. I could function longer performing duties which strained them before they reached the distressing over-tired burning sensation which commonly took only 10 seconds. My thought process also became crisper. This like many effects of Omega-3 was subtle but I could concentrate longer, articulate my thoughts easier – writing came more quickly and thus slowly became something I grew to enjoy.

On the whole there was less uncomfortableness. I only discovered this once I quit consuming it for a white and the aches and pains returned in my shoulders (a rock climbing injury), arms, knees and foot (a childhood basketball injury). Many of these things were, again, subtle… over a few months. You don’t take one pill and live in a lucid dream; there are steady improvements such that if you weren’t mindful of them you might not notice at all. But with daily consumption of Omega-3 over time small niggling discomfort fade away, your thinking improves along with your overall well-being.

There are a selection of quality sources now that can be purchased through the IFOS program ( ). The 5-star items hold the greatest rating attainable for purity and potency (these are the type I’ve been taking for years).

The issue with obtaining Omega-3 fish oil off the shelf at the local area health retailer is there’s no way to be sure of the quality. With nasties like mercury and PCBs being seen in fish supplies around the globe (and not knowing precisely where the fish in a bottle of Omega-3 fish oil originates from) Omega-3 fish oil should only be taken from a product tested by a 3rd party.

For the latest news I recommend this site: Omega-3 For Life

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