Omega XL – Why Is This Product Special?

Omega XL is product that was formulated by researchers who have been researching the probable synergistic result with omega fatty acids in various fish oils and the ingredients from Perna canaliculus oil extract.

Its researchers discovered that various mixes of omega fatty acids that were combined with perna canaliculus oil extract can either increase or reduce its effectiveness. After 24 months of initial work a mixture of extremely beneficial oils and the ingredients from perna canaliculus extract oil were used to produce the super omega fatty acid mixture called Omega XL. This mixture of these marine sterols and lipid fractions has created the most efficient delivery system to assist in treating inflammatory conditions by inhibiting the 5-lipoxygenase pathway.
What makes Omega XL special?

Due to the copyrighted extraction process and a significant TRADE SECRET in how the oils are distinctively blended. Omega XL is second to none and much better than any other essential fatty acid out there. It has great potency for any conditions that may have an inflammatory aspect. Scientists believe that the function of these fatty acids prevent the inflammation process by inhibiting the 5 lipoxygenase pathway (5 LOX inhibitor) and the cycloxygenase pathway (COX inhibitor), therefore ending inflammation at its root.

This takes place by two main pathways in our metabolism:

The 5-lipoxygenase pathway (LOX) leading to the formation of leukotrienes.A lot of the supplements of these pathways have potent inflammation-supporting attributes. For example, LTB 4 is a potent chemotactic agent ideal for bringing in large numbers of leucocytes (white blood cells), to the site of the injury. While LTC 4, LTD 4 and LTE 4, that are identified as SRS-A’s (slow responding substances of anaphylaxis), an important factor in anaphylactic shock.

The cyclooxygenase pathway (COX) is an enzyme that is accountable for formation of important biological mediators known as prostanoids (including prostaglandins, prostacyclin and thromboxane). Also with inflammatory factors.Currently used anti-inflammatory drugs work generally by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase pathway. In view of the important functions of the inflammatory process related to the lipoxygenase pathway, there have been substantial scientific effort to produce a 5-lipoxygenase pathway inhibitor during the last ten years. Presently the cyclooxygenase pathways drugs called Cox-2 inhibitors are under review for their safety.

Since fatty acids are among the most significant nutrients our body requires without any doubt this combination is safe for all ages.


Omega XL is an incredible treatment formula that is specifically formulated to eliminate joint and cartilage discomfort, and Omega XL, in accordance to its site, is a clinically tested, science based ingredients that is formulated to give fast and long lasting joint discomfort alleviation. Resources:Flex Protex

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