Now That Spring Is Finally Here, There Are Countless Reasons To Go Outside And Enjoy The Sunshine

At long last it appears that spring is finally here, and despite a weekend of thick frost and cold evenings, this morning the sun is blazing down and the sky is free of clouds. Although I have a thousand things to do at home, the chance to feel the warm sunlight has proved to be a big distraction and I’ve been out for a walk.

Although I live in quite a big village, it’s always quiet during in the daytime, and having crossed the main road near my abode I am straight away on a footpath heading across the fields. There is a little incline initially and once I’ve walked over that there is practically no human noise in evidence at all.

This track is my favoured local walk. Over the first field, sloping down to cross a single track back lane, and then another climb over a second field which brings me to a small copse on the summit of the hillock. The woods are privately owned, but the owners allow the villagers to make use of them by providing stiles to aid access, defined pathways and a few benches for the walker who needs to have a bit of a breather.

During summer, the trees are thick with leaves, and squirrels and birds are everywhere. Many of the trees in the copse are sweet chestnuts and during the autumn the ground is a carpet of fallen fruits. But spring is only just beginning and at the moment the branches are bare and the wildlife is quiet with the exception of some far off birdsong.

This lunchtime I have an extra reason for wanting to visit the woods. A buddy and I have offered to come up with a video to promote an acoustic piece of music recorded by some musicians we know. We have a vision, but have had to hang on for the right day to get some video footage and this is the first day on which the weather has been right to film outdoors.

Sadly, my friend is not available today, so I will have to employ my video abilities. Filming the footage is time consuming because I have defective vision, so I must utilise my glasses to operate the video equipment, but don’t need them to look at things that are further away and see what I’m capturing on film. It’s really quite frustrating! On occasions I ponder whether I should investigate Laser eye surgery, but I don’t even know if Laser eye treatment would work for whatever is wrong with my eyes, and anyway, I understand it’s quite expensive.

In any case, I have stuck at it and should now have plenty of film for us to start putting together the video. I have filmed the sun breaking through the trees, the path heading through the woods, the vast sweep of the fields leading to the marshes and the river in the distance, and the massive cargo ships making their way along the river to unload further upstream (though the latter bit isn’t for our project!).

Fortunately, my friend has excellent eyesight, so when it comes to the complicated task of putting all the material together with the interior footage we shot a few days ago, she will do the bulk of the work leaving me and my dodgy eyesight to view and comment on first attempts, and tweak the sound if and when appropriate. Thankfully, my ears more than make up for my eyes, and I have very good hearing as well as a well tuned musical ear. I wonder if I should steer clear of the notion of Laser eye surgery just in case my hearing deteriorates when it’s been carried out so that my eyes and ears are back at level pegging!

At the end of the day, the video will finally be finished and uploaded to various relevant music websites, and perhaps people will enjoy it. It would be very good to get some complimentary feedback and perhaps be given the chance to collaborate with the same artists again. And possibly we could really make some profit with it, and then I could afford to think about the concept of Laser eye treatment, so that I can film for new projects without the constant need to take my glasses on and off throughout the filming process.

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