Motorized Wheelchairs vs. Mobility Scooters

Both Mobility & Disability Wheelchair motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters provide us with the potential of being mobile and independent in spite of any physical constraints. As with all types of technology, though, these devices work best when we purchase the equipment best suited for our situation. This article is a simplified comparison of motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters, which will partially aid you in figuring out the particular kind of mobility aid to buy.

Motorized wheelchairs will provide you with more upper body support and generally will be intended for you to sit in them most of the time. Motorized wheelchairs are equipped with a range of mechanisms that enable the seats to tilt forward and backward, and many motorized chairs could modify the height of the chair to be accessible to various work stations. The option to change your position routinely will allow you to remain in your chair for 8 or 10 hours a day without getting pressure sores. Motorized wheelchairs also include more tire and power base variations, which allow you to travel indoors and outdoors safely. Pay close attention to Wheelchair Ramp as well.

These wheelchairs are usually more maneuverable in small areas, and since they are steered by a simply joystick, it is more user-friendly to control them if you don’t enjoy full use of your arms. Finally, powered wheelchairs are made to be lifted into and tethered inside wheelchair accessible buses, where the chairs could safely work as car seats. Obviously, if you don’t have a lift to use, this won’t be a benefit. Although, if you can’t usually drive anyway, it is more convenient to use mass transit vehicles with a wheelchair as opposed to with a scooter which must be loaded separately.

Mobility scooters bring their own package of benefits, presuming you have the proper group of expectations. If your upper body is healthy and performing properly, and you simply want this additional aid for your legs, a scooter may be sufficient enough to fulfill your needs. Scooters are routinely steered by manipulating a tiller, which performs a lot like a handlebar on a bike. But, don’t forget about Mobility & Disability Wheelchair and Ramp.

Travel and folding mobility scooters can be quickly disassembled and placed in a normal car, so if you are able to get out of the scooter and drive yourself, this is much more versatile than relying on city buses or buying a vehicle with a wheelchair lift. Scooters will generally not include the specific postural functions that motorized wheelchairs have, and the tiller linkage is much easier to produce than the joystick steering technology. While this leads to the user enjoying fewer functions, it also means you are going to be investing less in a scooter since it involves less technology.

One of the great things with regards to living in the 21st century is having the chance to use the latest technology. Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters allow us to keep mobile and autonomous well past the point when our bodies refuse to cooperate. Choosing the most suitable example of technology is vital, though. Assess your necessary functions, arrange your priorities, then purchase with confidence.

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