Medical Tourism In Costa Rica- Big Savings On Top Dental Care

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
Now you can ultimately get that process you have always dreamed of at an incredibly decent price. With a plethora of talented surgeons and state of the art medical facilities, Costa Rica has become internationally recognised as a first-class medical tourism destination. Find out how you can benefit from some of the best surgeons in the world, without needing to spend a small fortune.

Why Costa Rica?
With its stunning views, friendly neighbors, and year round temperate climate, Costa Rica has long attracted travelers looking for journey and relaxation. What many are quickly realizing is that Costa Rica is way more than an eco-tourism destination. It is also home to highly skilled physicians that provide quality health care at a fraction of the price tag compared against the united states and Canada.

Every year an increasing number of travellers visit Costa Rica to get cosmetic and other surgeries on what are known as medical vacations. In a period of rising health care costs and decreasing medical coverage, the idea of combining surgery with travel has taken off.

The decade has seen a boost in the Medical Tourism sector in Costa Rica, especially in the area of plastic surgery. The countrys glorious reputation is firmly linked to the professionalism of its internationally-trained doctors and complete list of cost-effective procedures . Actually cosmetic surgery is so affordable that the overall cost of a medical vacation in Costa Rica including flight fare, accommodations and a few days of sightseeing is often far less than the process alone would cost in the U. S. . Plastic surgeries cost a third or perhaps a 4th of what they do in the U.S, with no compromise of quality or results.

With modern worldwide licensed infirmaries more than 1,000,000 USA citizens take part in medical vacations every year, thousands are drawn to Costa Ricas modern infirmaries and private clinics which have Board Authorized surgeons, many highly trained in North America or Europe. They offer patients a spread of procedures using the newest technology, at extraordinarily affordable costs.

A face lift in Costa Rica costs roughly $3, 000 while the same procedure in the States costs anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. International hospitals are staffed with completely certificated bilingual surgeons that cater to foreigners looking for superior medical care. In addition, the Costa Rica Board of Plastic surgery offers possible clients a list of certificated and credentialed physicians who are members of the organisation.

Board Certified Surgeons
Our cosmetic doctors are known for their dedication to cutting-edge methodologies in all plastic surgery procedures . They have received intensive coaching in Costa Rica, Northern America and Europe. Most have been in practice for more than a decade and focus on procedures ranging from body contouring and breast reconstruction to brow and face lifts. Costa Rican doctors were some of the first to practice the Smart Lipo process in Central America, starting 2006.

Customized follow-up care is standard practice, Doctors visiting patients many times following the surgery to study progress and addressing any concerns is the standard and custom. The surgery center has state-of-the-art facilities, including modern recovery rooms, a spa and fantastic post-operative care

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