Low Carb Foods And Sugar – An Unhealthy Combination

A diet of low carb foods requires a desire to learn about the dangers of sugar. Among other problems, sugar inhibits the immune system, accelerates the aging process, and is a favorite food of cancer cells. When consumed in excess, it is a substance that can trigger diabetes, activate arthritis, and contribute to obesity.

Sugar interrupts the body’s usual mineral balance. If you are consuming low carb foods and want to be certain you are getting enough of the vital nutrients, this is a solid reason to pass up sugar. Minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorous are vital to bodily functions. When the body is deficient in any one of these minerals, the entire system may be off balance. Just two teaspoons of sugar causes micronutrients in the body to change radically, creating blood chemistry imbalances. Some mineral levels increase, some decline, and delicate ratios are upset. So, even a little sugar negates the health bonuses of consuming vitamin and mineral supplements while totally destroying a diet of low carb foods.

Undoubtedly, sugar is everywhere, except in many low carb foods. Even something we think of as healthy food, such as oatmeal, is often loaded with processed sugar in those instant flavor variety packs. In addition, look at all the sugar being consumed by children in soft drinks, snack foods, and cereals that are overflowing with high fructose corn syrup. Watch Saturday morning television advertising aimed at kids and it seems that sugary cereals are normal for kids these days. Mention the subject of low carb foods to kids, though, and they think you are going to replace their sugary cereal with spinach.

In The Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 1986, J. Goldman noted in ‘Behavioral Effects of Sucrose on Preschool Children’, that a dose of sugar equal to that of a 12 oz soft drink did indeed disrupt the performance of children at school. It caused their concentration levels to diminish and their inappropriate behaviors to rise.

When low carb foods are part of the diet, energy levels invariably will be up and down throughout the day. This is another excellent reason for people of all ages to stay away from sugar. In addition to changes in mood, sugar causes hyperactivity, anxiety, and concentration difficulties.

Some health conscious individuals managing a diet of low carb foods have made the switch to Stevia instead of sugar. It is a healthy, herbal, all natural sweetener that is actually helpful in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. So, it is possible to eliminate sugar for those who aim to keep the spotlight on low carb foods.

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