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The majority of diabetics are widespread already and we know that there is some mess concerning the most suitable diet for the diabetic. They also know there is no uniform a dietary program which approaches all people.

This problem only becomes worse, as there is a conflict dietary council from so-called experts in this area.

It is the truth that refined white sugar and the products containing it are not useful for diabetic because of instant absorption of this substance in glucose blood.

Some claims have been made diabetes 2 types of treatment by means of a diet. Diabetic association all over the world, however, states that any resolute diabetes treatments exist today. There is not a diet for prevention 2 types of diabetes!

Christian Roberts from university of California has conducted diet and diabetes research and has found out that in 50 % from those who followed a diet on the basis of principles, 2 types of symptoms have been cancelled a diabetes. Management of diabetes with low CARB diets can work very well.

Mode for this research was participants carrying out during one hour every day. They also were on a diet which is based on vegetables and integral grains from only a few animal proteins are eaten.

Low fat, carbohydrates, food

There is a dispute dietary recommendation offered by diabetic association, as to Great Britain and the USA. Their today’s councils for diabetics to watch the low maintenance of fats, carbohydrates, food despite the fact that as it is represented, convincingly enough testify to the return.

The majority of researches are the agenda. Quite probably that now researches supported by the pharmaceutical company prove advantages of concrete treatment of narcotics. It can be that researches are carried out by who are simply stated to prove the theory. There are few researches which are really independent and are carried out without damage to result.

It was recommended that Atkins type of a diet, with the high maintenance of fat and fiber and the low maintenance of carbohydrates, is the most suitable for diabetic. Of course, it would seem logical that limiting carbohydrates will promote prevention of occurrence of the raised level of glucose in blood. There can be coordination between low level of sugar in blood and a diet of Atkins. Certainly, there are also opposite opinions.

Sicker of diabetes should understand that each person has the individual metabolism and physiology. That can quite be healthy diet for one person can be life-threatening another. The diet for type 1 diabetes does not owe mixed with a diet of plans of 2 type diabetes.
The diet with the centre round healthy fibers, such as white meat and fish, vegetables, natural carbohydrates, salads and fruit, and also mono saturated fats to add irreplaceable fat acids is a good starting point. Thus, sicker of diabetes can estimate for himself what represents a healthy diet.

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