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Turning 65

When you are 65 and you are going to be covered by the Medicare programme for the first time, this can be a great event in the person’s life. So you should beforehand understand the complicated world of Medicare programme and Medicare coverage. So in this article you will get to know about the four parts of this programme and about their functions and purposes.

So let us speak about the first part A. It is the part of the Medicare programme that every person gets if is working at least anywhere and fulfills some requirements of their employers. The main thing, which is covered in this kind of coverage, is the hospital care, so it may be called the “hospital” part of Medicare programme. But in fact it also has such activities as: skilled nursing facility care, home health care and hospice facility care.

As for the second part of this programme, that is part B, it is not necessary. So if the person has their Medicare coverage which is ok and works properly, they do not need part B, they will need it if the insurance policy comes to an end. Here you will have to pay some payments every month. As for its functions, it usually covers some services, such as the “doctor’s office” part of Medicare. They are: doctor’s service, diagnostic itemss, outpatient services and physical therapy and several preventive-type investigations.

Part C is the type of Medicare, dealing with “privatized Medicare”, was found 10 years ago. It is also known as Medicare Advantage plan. In this part the insurance company has a contract with the state government and it is in charge of all your Medicare advantages. So all of your advantages the private insurer provides to you and you make payments directly to this company.
This part of the Medicare programme is not necessary also. You are to pay your two previous parts and part C gives you some additional advantages. But note that you can not have both
a Medicare Supplement plan and Part C, you are to choose only one plan. As Medicare Supplement plan pays after Medicare pays; Medicare Advantage pays instead of Medicare.

Finally let us speak about the fourth part-part D. It is the most popular one, as it is combined with the prescription drugs. But also the private companies suggest it, and should be approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services every year for the prescription coverage (Part D). So you make payments to the insurance company, but some companies allow paying from your personal Social Security check. This kind of payment is usually not necessary and it is to be included in your Medicare programme also.

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