Looking For Topamax Alternative Due To Its Side Effects

We all know that Topamax have been useful for people who have problems with epilepsy and migraine. It said to help people suffering from epilepsy by controlling seizures. For people suffering from migraines, it is used as a prevention. However, studies have been presented that despite Topamax’s help for people suffering from migraine and epilepsy; its side effects are so tremendous that the medicine itself is now being questioned. Alternatives for Topamax are now being considered. In fact, people suffering from migraine are considering lithium orotate as a Topamax alternative.

Lithium orotate is made up of lithium and the salt of orotic acid. Originally, this was a treatment for tress, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, ADHD and ADD, aggression, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s. People even use it to improve their memory. Later on, it was also found out that it can be used as an effective treatment for migraine. However, it has not been found out how lithium orotate may affect one’s health. So, people might have to consult with their doctors if they want to use this medical product. Furthermore, as this can be easily bought over the counter, the Food and Drug Administration should see how this product might affect the public.

Now, let us discus what are these Topamax side effects just to justify why there is a need to find a substitute in using Topamax. When we try checking its package insert, we can see that there are 9 situations that Topamax will warn you about. First, acute myopia and secondary angle closure glaucoma can happen which can result to blindness. Second, oligohidorsis and hyperthermia can happen which is the condition of decreased sweating and increased body temperature which mostly affects children. Third, Topamax is known to cause suicidal behaviors, metabolic acidosis, cognitive and neuropsychiatric dysfunction, hyperammonemia and encephalopathy, and kidney stones. Lastly, the side effects that have woken up the public’s opinion are the birth defects
Topamax can give which is in the form of children with cleft palates.

Topamax complaints have been increasing. However, you need to be also aware about how your alternative will also affect you. Clearly, this would not have been a problem if Topamax was very clear about its side effects in the first place. Now, we might be asking, can we file a lawsuit against Topamax because of this? A definite answer cannot always be given as your situation has to be assessed first. In order to know, contact a Topamax lawyer today.

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