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Rescue Remedy is the most popular Bach essence as it is used in case of emergency or an accident and thus deals with the most common disorders. In fact, Rescue Remedy is not a pure Bach flower essence. It contains five different essences mixed together. Bach mixtures are made very carefully as the mixture is not actually the combination of healing properties of all its essence components. When the appropriate five Bach essences are combined, the mixture becomes the Rescue Remedy. It has different properties and is not similar to the source essences.

Rescue Remedy is used when it’s necessary to cope with the immediate trauma, shock, stress, sudden fear and other accidental fierce emotional disorders. The following five remedies are included:

– Star of Bethlehem deals with the first shock and immediate traumas;
– Clematis is helpful to come to the ground, start thinking logically and not lose the temper;
– Rock Rose is good for mastering panic mind states;

– Impatiens is the best way to quit feeling nervous and irritated, it’s also good against the hard tension of the circumstances;
– Cherry Plum makes stay conscious and prevents from the loss of control.

The first step when it comes to using the Rescue Remedy is adding four drops of the pure essence from the stock bottle into the one ounce glass remedy bottle with dropper filled with the spring or at least filtered water. Shake up the mixture to make the solution homogeneous. The right way to use the Remedy is to do all of these immediately before taking the cure as the mixture will not preserve the same properties for a long time. It’s better to use the solution orally, three or four drops under the tongue or onto the gums every several minutes. Repeat this procedure until you see the positive result. Rescue Remedy can be also used to overcome stresses but the way is another. Dilute ten drops of the pure essence in the bottle and add the same quantity every time when you change the water.

Rescue Remedy can be combined with others, homeopathic too. A wonderful essence can be received if you mix the Rescue Remedy with Aconite. Aconite is a homeopathic medicine with a strong calming property. The mixture is used not only in case of the great stress or sudden fear. It is proved to be good during rehabilitation after the difficult operation etc. Veterinary specialists even use it when dealing with wild animals as a demulcent. It is powerful enough to be used not only orally but also in a spray form. Spray it onto the skin, in the ears and you will see the positive reaction in several minutes. You can also use it in the same way as a pure Rescue Remedy via the dropper bottle.

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