Learn These Two Critical Keys to Successful Weight Loss

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight. If you are one of the two-thirds of American who are overweight you’re probably putting on weight and you don’t like it. You’ve tried several diets and brought fat loss pills but haven’t observed a difference. You’ve tried exercise. And you are still gaining weight.

Somewhere there’s a key to losing a few pounds, however you simply haven’t found it yet. You want to feel good and look good. But, whenever you look in the mirror you see unsightly bulges that weren’t there just a few years ago. And, perhaps you’re beginning to feel a little too heavy around your belly.

Surprisingly, there really are easy keys to dropping those added pounds and staying slim and trim. So, in the event you really want to make the changes necessary to look fit and trim, listed here are the keys.

Key Number One: Stop eating fast food and manufactured foods. Lots of money has gone into designing these foods to taste good and keep you eating more and more. Big corporations are involved in the food trade and they’re excited by one thing: profits. Sure, all the ingredients are legal. But, that doesn’t make them healthful.

An alternative to fast food and manufactured food is naturally grown foods that have not been tampered with.

In your local grocery store the natural foods are situated around the perimeter of the store. You’ll find fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products there. Don’t wander up and down the isles where packaged manufactured foods with a lot of high fructose corn syrup and other unnatural ingredients are displayed.

Key number Two: Combine interval and resistance training. If you are tired of walking miles on a treadmill with little to show for it, you can stop now. Concentrating on simple cardiovascular workout routines won’t let you make the improvement you need.

Fast walking or jogging for a mile on a treadmill will expend somewhere around 120 calories. Suppose you go to the gym three days a week and jog three miles each day. What’s the result? Your jogging uses up around 1080 calories each week. You’re ready to pat yourself on the back because you worked so hard to expend all those calories.

But, here is an important fact you want to know. A pound of muscle burns between 35 and 50 calories a day even without being exercised. When you use your muscles doing anything, they will burn even more calories.

Now suppose instead of jogging you did some resistance training to firm up and build a little muscle mass. After a while you could add around 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. Every day those extra 10 pounds of muscle burn between 350 and 500 calories. So, let’s say they burned up four hundred calories a day. Over a week your new muscle mass will burn 2800 calories.

Hold on there. Adding 10 pounds of lean muscle mass has more than twice the impact of all that jogging. You’re beginning to grasp the value of some resistance training.

Now, let’s get those muscles really burning some energy with some interval training. Interval training involves bursts of hard, vigorous cardio with shorter, much less strenuous recovery periods. If you want to thoroughly rev up your calorie burning, do some interval training.

So, instead of doing pure cardio workout routines, you’ll get significantly better results by combining resistance training with interval training.

Using these two keys of eating healthy foods and exercising right for effective weight reduction will make it easier to shed extra pounds, keep it off, look good and feel great.

Aren’t you finally ready to burn the fat and feed the muscle? Why not start today so you can feel better tomorrow?

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