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Growth of expenses on public health services in Medicare and Medicaid basically are caused by the patients receiving medical aid at insignificant expenses, known as medico sanitary help of wedges. Now there is no motivation for patients to save on their health services. There is a high percent of swindle, such as absence of the control.

Revision Medicare and Medicaid is the simple and less expensive alternative of the national program of public health services offered by president Obama and the Congress. The economy from this revision will support safety networks in medical aid system.

By 2009 Medicare estimations budget makes $413 billion. To found annual cap on expenses on public health services for everything, in the program, having divided this figure into number of the persons enlisted in Medicare is approximately estimated in $15000. Every year people will have possibility to subtract from the sum of not spent money, under a cover, from their surtax which will motivate them to economy. The budget on Medicare and the public health services will have annual costs of a life of reorganization. Medicaid respective alterations can be brought.
These huge programs in the field of public health services which stand $600 billion in 2008 are so badly operated that swindle has the big scales. According to informants, the received parities swindled $347.5 million during three affairs in the relation public health services Snare, Amerigroup, and also the largest supplier of health services in New Jersey. It is probably only estimated how many costs swindle as the government has no system of tracing of millions transactions. Estimations on losses from swindle make from $70 to $120 billion. Revision Medicare and Medicaid programs will sharply reduce swindle because people in these programs are limited caps, will not be inclined to get mixed up in swindle.

These changes in Medicare and Medicaid give the government from the fixed sum of US dollars on the public health services, coming to end Runaway expenses. The state will be won too by 50 % of obligations Medicaid having exact cost. A lack of this revision consists that people will have restrictions on the sum of dollars; they can receive public health services in a year. Though, the cap should be sufficient for medical needs of an average individual. Besides, there are inexpensive franchises and accidents of plans of insurance for a covering of expenses, besides dollar cap. Advantages of offered changes in operating federal programs in the field of public health services will outweigh a cover on annual expenses on:

• Removal the bureaucratic control.

• Having given to patients their choice of doctors, treatment, medicines and tests.

• Restoration of the important relations between the patient and the doctor.

Now medicare is one of the most important issues and one of the most seriously debated topics – indeed medicare is in the list of the challenges of this age, and medicare supplemental insurance is one of the items of the puzzle.

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