Krill Oil Produces a Solid Immune System

Have you been looking for a supplement that will help you live longer and look younger? If you said yes, Neptune Krill Oil can help you achieve this goal.

You may already have experienced the many rewards from using Fish oil. With krill oil you will experience even more results, but it is better tasting. Antarctic Krill Oil provides protection for a healthy heart and joints. Women have claimed to feel younger, have fewer PMS symptoms, and increased stamina.

Omega3 fatty acids as well as phospholipids and antioxidants are packed into Neptune Krill Oil. These all work together to maintain many of the body’s systems which will create good joint movement, cell membranes, and a healthy heart.

Krill are the small shrimp like animals so prevalent in the Antarctic ocean. It is the only known animal to contain phospholipids that are rich in omega3 fatty acids. These ingredients are integral cell membrane building blocks, in the perfect mix, that can be used by the body more efficiently than most other products currently on the market. Phospholipids act as an emulsifier allowing oils to dissolve freely in water. Krill oil gives your body cell membranes that are healthier.

Healthy cell membranes offer a layer of protection surrounding your cells. Your entire body contains cells, including brain cells and skin cells. Your body made of cells, that if not nurtured, can be attacked which speeds up the aging process. Krill oil can slow the aging process thus giving you youthful looks and more energy. Side by side, fish oil and krill oil differ greatly in longevity and taste. Krill oil is also over 40 times more effective than fish oil and over 30 times more so than Coenzyme Q10.

The antioxidant rich krill oil helps guard the cell’s membrane. Krill oil supplements give you 1.5 mg of astazanthin, an immune booster, and 100 IU of vitamin A. With aging comes disease and loss of strength and mobility, but a healthy diet rich in antioxidants available in fresh fruits and vegetables can alleviate this occurrence. By taking the recommended dose of Neptune krill oil each day you will boost your energy, immune system, and have a strong and healthy heart.

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