Information About Low Impact Workout And Why It Is So Great To Our Wellness

There are a lot of people who have heard about the low fat diet and the low carb diet, and now it comes to the low impact exercise. It seems the word of “Low” has a great reputation in the discussion of health and fitness. Then, what exactly is low impact exercise? Well, keep in mind that low impact doesn’t equate to low intensity and low energy. Low impact exercise just refers to those exercises induce less pressure on our body. We might not realize that. As the matter of fact, we are doing low impact exercises everyday in our life, such as walking on the floor and climbing on the stairs. We also do low impact activities when we are having fun, for examples rowing boat and swimming, etc.

A lot of people are aware of the importance of doing workout to lose weight and to gain a good health. And they are ritually jogging, running and jumping everyday and every moment that they could. Although we should admire the awareness of staying healthy and the persistence of doing exercise, this high impact kind of exercise will also have negative impact on our body. These strenuous workouts would create high pressure and stress on the body that accelerate the decline of our body and put us to a higher risk of becoming immobility.

In the past, people had many channels to do low impact exercises everyday. Since the technology was not so advanced as this modern world, our ancestors walked to the field for farming and rowed a boat to the deep water for fishing everyday. All these are not common in this modern world. While we are still walking and climbing stairs everyday, the level of the exercise is just not good enough to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Although the technology cut down our chances of doing low impact activity naturally, it provides us a really good exercise machine, and it is called an elliptical trainer.

Elliptical trainer simulates our movements of walking, jogging, running and climbing stairs. It is typically equipped with a pair of stepping pedals and a pair of handlebars. Our feet will not leave the pedals during the duration of exercise. Since the feet will not strike on the ground repeatedly, it reduces the pressure to our joints and bones. That makes the elliptical trainer an ideal low impact workout machine.

As you can realize, elliptical trainer is not merely good for walking and climbing stairs. You can easily accelerate the speed level to mimic the running action but still not to create high impact on your body. For this reason, elliptical trainer is a perfect exercise machine to be used for interval training and cardio exercise plans.

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