Important Info You Need to Know About Causes of Colitis

One of the problems experienced by people these days primarily focus on the gastrointestinal area. There are a growing number of people who are not concerned with the food they eat. This results to experiencing various problems with its symptoms. One of these is colitis that has lots of causes and also results to different symptoms to the patient

colitis symptoms

Colitis is the term given to the inflammation of the colon. It can be caused by buy various things and these causes can be categorized in two types. Here are the categories to better understand what the things that may be causing this problem to patients.

External causes

These external causes are primarily the things that are not spontaneously occurring inside the body. Most of the time, these causes may come from improper diet or contaminated foods taken in the body. Examples of these are bacteria that have been taken in along with food. It’s true that there are bacteria found inside the body particularly on the stomach. These bacteria are probiotics and are helpful in digestion and keeping the right balance in the stomach. However, food taken in the body may be contaminated with various bacteria that can be obtained from various locations or improper food preparation. Those that are not cooked properly will not kill these bacteria and can start invading the digestive system upon ingesting. In addition, bacteria that grow on unhygienic kitchen can also be transferred to foods like salmonella. These bacteria will cause diarrheal symptoms once it invaded the gastrointestinal area.

Moreover, colitis symptoms can also be worsened due to improper eating habits. Even if this eating habit is not the actual cause of this condition, these are already enough to make the symptoms worse.

colitis – Internal factors

Coming from the term itself, these factors are naturally occurring in the gastrointestinal area. The most common factor is when the colon doesn’t receive the right amount of blood in order to complete its processes. Lack of blood also means lack of oxygen which is important in completing various processes in this area. Once this occurs, the colon will also be inflamed and not function properly.

Aside from this, major inflammatory problems may also occur inside the colon. A classic example of this is ulcerative colitis. This condition will start to the lower colon part like rectum and start working its way up to the upper colon part like descending, transverse and ascending colon.

Other conditions include the invasion of white blood cells on the intestinal wall. Since they are present on the area, it may imply the presence of an infection. These white blood cells are the main parts of the blood that fight back infection and start to form on this part to counteract the infection that’s affecting the colon.

Overall, a patient may have colitis due to various causes. With the knowledge of its nature, people can start to avoid them and be healthier in the long run. It’s a good way to free them from the harmful effects of this condition and its symptoms alone.

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