If You Suffer With Seasonal Affecitve Disorder, Light Therapy Can Be the Answer!

SAD (also referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that’s caused in a large part of the population in northern locations in the winter months. In winter, folks tend to reside within longer to fight the cold months. Sadly by doing this, they limit the Sun light exposure the body wants to maintain it’s health. Without Sun light, you subject yourself to feelings of being down or sad, sleep Problems, and even energy loss.

After a number of years of study, scientists have revealed that by treating SAD with lights as care has been valuable in reducing symptoms of SAD. Even eliminating it all together in some people. By employing gloomy light care, many users have noted that within as little as a week lots of their symptoms,eg mood changes and sleep Problems, have reduced. And with continued use they have reported complete elimination of their symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with having seasonal depression, it’s best to start doleful light treatment as quickly as possible before it is getting severe. Phillips has come out with a line of sad light care units that dependent on what symptoms you have will rely on which type you want. For instance, if you are trying to find something that boosts your energy, improves your mood and concentration as well as fighting the winter blues, they have 3 units that take care of all that, such as the phillips golite nm. Two of their models will boost energy and mood while energising your wake up routine, getting you out of bed faster. And one of their units, the wake-up light plus will improve mood, energy, and almost all of the other benefits as well as help you go to sleep quicker and stat asleep longer.

So what better way to battle the indicators of Seasonal affective disorder by the utilising of a unit that mimics the Sun light we get from the sun than to use downcast light treatment units for no less than fifteen minutes a day. That’s all it takes to minimize the symptoms you are feeling as a clear result of SAD, fifteen minutes a day continued use will just about eliminate all the negative indications of SAD.

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