How To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Actually Work For You

A master of Neuro Linguistic Programming has suggested that we reconsider using the term “New Year’s Resolution.”Because of the word’s literal meaning of solving again, this term could make your unconscious mind want to gain back the weight you lost.

So instead of using the term “resolution,” try using the term “wish,” which has a more positive meaning.After you have made your wishes for the coming year, put them down on paper so that they become your goals.

To enhance your recollection, it is sometimes useful to take one word whose letters represent a series of meetings.One of these is an acronym called “smarter” that is useful and goal setting.

1. Specific. To eliminate ambiguity in your mind you need to make sure that what you want it spelled out clearly in your mind. For example, discovering how to lose weight fast is not very specific.

2. Measured. There should be a way to tell whether you are making progress or not, so what you write down needs to be something that can be verified.

3. Accountability. You need a way to account for your success or failure.

4. Realistic. What you set down on paper need to be things that are possible for you to do.

5. Time. This stands for the duration for the elapsed time over which you intend to meet your expectations. Some in the weight loss forum might know they want to lose ten pounds, but they haven’t defined any deadlines for achieving that goal.

6. Emotions. You need to get some intense feelings about why your goals are important to you.

7. Review. If you don’t go over your list of goals periodically you are not going to remember what they are.To help you remember the requirements for your goals just remember the word “smarter.” Get some goals instead of resolutions and see what you can do during the new year.

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