How To Lose Weight Safely And Fast

Fast Weight Loss Info and still safe

So you went and tried on your favorite LBD, only to find, horror of horrors, it doesn’t fit! You’ve got a big event coming up in just a couple of weeks. You need to lose weight, and fast! Some of us can look at a candy bar and put on a few pounds, or maybe even ten. That weight sometimes creeps on before you know it. You’ve probably heard that old harangue, that the only way to lose weight safely is to do so slowly. Well, if you need to lose weight fast, that’s not much of a comfort. The truth is, if you have just ten pounds to lose, you can have your cake and eat it too, in a manner of speaking! Here are some quick weight loss tips that can have you looking fine in that sexy dress. Although this strategy requires some discipline, 10 pounds is not 100 and two weeks fly by. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, we’ve got the skinny. Here we go.

Drink lots and lots of water. Keep a glass at your desk, in the kitchen while cooking and at your bedside table. If you’re one of those many people who don’t like water, add a teaspoon or so of lemon juice to a glass of ice cold water. The lemon juice helps speed up your metabolism as well. Drink your water throughout the day, including with meals. This is an essential component in your how to lose weight fast program. BTW, cut soda completely out of your memory banks for just these two weeks!

Follow a diet that consists almost entirely of fruits and vegetables. Most produce is rich in fiber and low in calories. The fiber helps cleanse your system of toxins and requires energy (calories) to digest, so the net number of calories ingested is even less than the food actually contains. You’re burning some of the calories in the food just by eating it! In addition, the high fiber content makes you feel quite full.

Forget the burgers and fries. Now, don’t whine! It’s only two weeks. Fish and chicken breasts are your allies. Serve up a fish filet as an entree, add a bundle of shrimp or broiled, julienned chicken breast strips to a yummy salad. Use your imagination. Think ‘I know how to lose weight fast and I will succeed!’

Another well known, but often ignored secret on how to lose weight fast is, yes, exercise. Exercise every day, as much as you can fit in to your daily schedule. Give up TV for a couple of weeks and exercise for the same period of time you would have spent on the couch. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Park far away from the doors to the mall or office.

Brainstorm on every possible opportunity to exert extra effort in everything you do. You can even exercise while working at your desk. Do leg lifts, with knees bent, lifting your feet just a couple of inches off the floor and holding for a count of ten. Alternate with each leg. Here’s a good one: when you’re rinsing the dinner dishes, place a couple of thick books at the base of the counter, forcing yourself to lean forward to reach the sink. Silly? No! You’ll flatten your tummy, always a good thing when you need to know how to lose weight fast. Weight lifting exercises are also an excellent choice. In addition to burning calories, you’re toning muscles, to look especially alluring in your LBD come party night.

Before you begin, clear your two week how to lose weight fast program with your doctor. Promise to take a good multiple vitamin every day. That’s all there is to it. Follow the program fanatically. Voila! Ten pounds gone in two weeks!

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