How To Implement Holistic Nutrition to Beat A Sugar Addiction

A sugar addiction can be seriously debilitating and we need to seek focus on holistic nutrition before we develop numerous and significant health problems. We all know that we should be eating well, but due to significant marketing campaigns by the American Heart Association and others, a lot of the emphasis has been placed on low-fat and the elimination of cholesterol in our diets, while there may be other, equally as sinister, threats.

We know that heart disease can be the number one killer in our society, but we are not generally as aware that sugar can be very bad for us as well. Sugar is evident as a preservative, as a flavor enhancer in a very wide range of products, especially in processed foods. The actual truth of the matter is that we could easily lead a quite fulfilling life without any extra or “added” sources of sugar, as there’s always a vital surplus available, naturally occurring, within a sensible wholesome diet.

An addiction to sugar is apparent in almost every one of us. In some of us, the craving for sugar might not be as apparent, but it is nevertheless there, mostly because our modern diet is filled with such a variety of processed foods, which are made up of sugar in the form of simple carbohydrates. The Western diet is largely responsible for the levels of obesity that we see in major countries such as the United States and as food is seen as a chore that gets in the way of our rather hectic lives, we tend to load our diets with foods that are far from balanced and are far from holistic health solutions.

If you find that you are unable to pop into the corner store or gas station without leaving with a sugary substance – a snack or drink, then that craving is definitely in evidence. Also, consuming alcohol on a daily basis can disguise a significant sugar addiction. If you find yourself secretly cursing that the “foods that taste really nice are always bad for you,” then you are tacitly admitting to your problem.

Before you have any real chance at kicking your sugar addiction, you have to take a long, hard look at your situation, and come to the decision that you really want to change. Do you find that you are overweight, have little energy, become unfocused rather easily and wonder why you get those crazy mood swings? The likelihood is that your sugar intake is way too high. Less than 5 teaspoons or less then 20 g is the recommended daily intake for sugars. This refers to added sugars, rather than naturally occurring. Read those labels!

Once you have decided that you are suffering from sugar addiction symptoms and that your sugar intake is way too high, you have made the first big step to kicking your habits. You may find it rather difficult to start off with, but if you value holistic nutrition as much as you should, then you can develop a whole new approach to diet, exercise and look forward to living a much more productive life without a sugar addiction to slow you down.

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