How to Handle Stress Headaches

Stress headaches are incredibly common, especially in our stressed out culture and while the easiest fix is to pop an aspirin or another over the counter medication for a quick solution but the better plan is to find a long term and permanent solution to keep the headaches at bay. If you only get headaches once in a while then quick fixes are fine but if they happen all the time it is important to figure out the true cause. If your headaches are severe you should consult with a doctor, but you may also find some of the following remedies helpful. Personally I just had awesome achievements for my own migraines utilizing a back massager soon after reading about this from Shiatsu back massager.

Over the counter medications like aspirin are the most common method of treating stress or tension headaches. You have a lot of options available for your treatment but not all of them are going to work the same way–it depends on what kind of headache you have and how bad it is. It is important to understand, however, that taking medication for your headache makes you more prone to something called the “rebound” headache. This occurs when the effects of the medication wear off and the headache comes back. This is the primary reason that you should not exceed the recommended dose of any headache medication you choose without first asking your doctor whether or not the dose you are already taking is okay.

One common cause of stress headaches is dehydration, so drinking more water can be the solution. It’s easy to get distracted and not realize that you are dehydrated. Remember: it is a bad idea to drink beverages that are caffeinated like soda or coffee because these can make your headaches worse. Water is your best bet and iced herbal tea and pure fruit juice will also work when you want to rehydrate yourself. Eating lots of salty food can make your dehydration worse so reducing your salt intake (and intake of junk and snack foods in general) can help too.

If you wear things around or on your head might be adding to your headaches. A headband would be an obvious culprit, but anything, including hats, sunglasses, helmets or even headphones could be causing tension in that area. Some people suffer from something called external compression headaches which are caused by pressure around your head. While a specific item might not feel hurtful when it is first put on, but as it gets left there and restricts blood flow, it can begin to cause pain.

So, if you’re always wearing something on your head you should try giving it a break. In conclusion, lots of people suffer from stress headaches and these headaches have a bunch of different causes like lack of sleep, too much caffeine or booze, etc. It is important to figure out the source of your headaches and take care of it, even if it means accepting changes that are inconvenient or not so pleasant. You don’t want to have to live with headaches all the time so make sure that you do what you can to make them stop.

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