How To Get an Acne Remedy That Works

Have you ever tried using an acne Remedy? It’s quite normal that adolescents’ oil-secreting glands go into overdrive during puberty. The consequence of this process is pimple and blackheads mostly on our facial skin but we also find it on the shoulders and the back.

In most cases, acne is innocent and a normal part of growing up. However, for the teen it can seem like the end of the world to develop huge pimples two days before the senior prom! Before we fully understood the nature of acne, we believed that it was a result of eating foods like for example, candy and French fries, two of the most common ingredients of a teenager’s meal plan.

Today we understand more; we know that acne is caused by the increased oil gland secretions that take place in normal puberty. How many bumps and pimples a teenager will develop is mostly determined by the person’s general stress-level and heredity.

In most cases acne reacts well to treatment with prescription free products that control and dry oil secretions. Be aware though that the most severe variant of this condition – cystic acne – can result in serious scaring of the face. This condition is treated with antibiotics as well as special cleansing products. Most of these products contain alcohol and witch hazel that sting the skin and in some cases dry it till it becomes red and painful.

natural health remedies are a good alternative:

– They are safe and effective,
– They don’t cause peeling and skin redness,
– They are not painful.

Experience has shown that modern natural healers can treat skin problems successfully using the knowledge and skills of ancient ancestors’ teaching and demonstrating.

Would an Acne Remedy Be Something For You?

There is a high possibility that natural acne remedies will prove to be effective and safe when prepared by a skilled practitioner and used the right way. Finding the right combination of natural herbal substances for a certain person is the key to successful treatment.

natural health remedies for acne has two groups of ingredients:
– the base
– oil control combined with herb derivatives and soothing plant.

The base normally consists of a hydrosol, which is distilled water infused with the essence of leaves of plants and herbs that have been steamed. Then a blend of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils is added to the base. For most people, this sounds like a strange way to treat acne; using oil to control oil.
Pure essential are different from the skin’s natural oils since they don’t clog the skin’s pores. Although they are used in minor quantities, they don’t cause pimples and blackheads.

The preferred essential oils for acne control are

– burdock root,
– blackcurrant oil,
– calendula,
– borage oil,
– chamomile,
– lavender,
– red clover
– evening primrose oil.

Natural skin toners, lotions, cleansers and make-up removers can be formulated to control acne. With natural acne remedies a gentle hydrosol base of aloe, rose, chamomile, sandalwood or lavender are used instead of alcohol and witch hazel.

Lavender is preferred by many practitioners as a general natural acne remedy because it is the only essential oil that can be used on the skin undiluted by a hydrosol.

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