How Do We Know What We Should Be Eating?

Is there such a thing as the perfect meal? Even if somebody did stumble onto something like that then trying to get scientists to agree on it would be like teaching a dolphin to talk. Unfortunately nutrition and weight loss are areas where everyone has their own opinions and it seems to be impossible to get concrete evidence to back up any claims. Like the war raging right now between advocates of low carb diets versus low fat diets. On one side you have people saying that cutting fat out of our diets will help us lose weight and giving their evidence, but on the other side you have people saying that has never worked and giving evidence to back up what they say. How will we ever know who we should listen to?

Well I think the problem is that we are all unique so we all react differently to carbohydrates and fat, that is what might be causing all the confusion. That means for some people then yes a low carb diet will work and for others a low fat diet is going to be the best for them, but you can’t just tell everyone in the world that one specific diet is the best which is what scientists are trying to do right now.

That means to find out which is the best for you then you are going to have to do a little experiment, choose one of each type and then try them out for a few months each and monitor your progress. If you keep a careful eye on yourself as you do the diets and make sure you note both the weight you lose and how they make you feel, then it should be easy to pick the one which suits you best.

If the thought of 4 months of dieting just as a test doesn’t appeal to you, then one solution could be to cut down both your fat and your carb intake by a bit each, that way you are following at least some of the advice from both sides. The hardest part of that plan though is going to be reducing your carbohydrate intake, fat is easy to spot and easy to cut out, but you can find carbohydrates in almost all your favorite items, from the toast you eat in the morning to the potato chips you have at night. You can kill two birds with one stone though if you try to cut as much sugar out of your diet as you possibly can. Often where you find sugar (pure carbohydrate) then you will also find fat too, like in a muffin or candy bar, so by cutting out one you cut out the other too.

Then for your main meals you should cut down on the amount of rice, pasta and potatoes that you eat, and where you can replace the more popular white pasta and rice with whole wheat varieties that release their energy more slowly and contain more fiber as well. Then if you add onto your plate a good range of vegetables too and a small portion of lean meat then you might just have the perfect meal.

If you are serious about losing weight then have you considered Yayfood yet? They use calorie cycling which is supposed to be really effective.

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