Holistic Nutrition Solutions To Speedily Repair Aging From Sugar Addiction

Scientists suggest that our sugar addiction can contribute to our bodies changing much faster than they should. Some specialists have gone so far as to suggest that “cross-linking” occurs when sugar molecules link up to protein molecules, causing the attached molecules to change their function. It seems that some of those molecules have a tendency to accumulate in certain soft tissues, which then – over time, stiffen and become far less functional. This process can happen in cartilage, tendons, arteries and can eventually result in deterioration and possibly even complete failure.

Many believe that a high concentration of sugar in the blood stream is the primary culprit for cross-linking, and any foods or beverages that represent such a high concentration of sugar, such as sodas, should be avoided as much as possible.

When foods which are high in sugars – commonly known as high glycemic level foods, are consumed, inflammation can occur. This process also invariably releases a very high proportion of free radicals throughout the body.

Comprehensive holistic health solutions direct us towards a balanced, even perhaps defensive approach to nutrition as we get older. Foods which are known to be problematic should naturally be avoided, but we tend to avoid taking an overall view of holistic nutrition and often take shortcuts due to our busy schedules. Many of us regularly place good health at the bottom our list of daily priorities – until we suffer from a shocking wake-up call of some sort. From the above, any sensible individual can clearly see that we should be prioritizing our daily lives quite differently, placing good health and longevity at the very top of our list.

There are enough medical and scientific studies around to show us that the ingestion of saturated fats and high levels of cholesterol are significantly bad for our health and cause premature aging. Sugar may be one of the silent killers, as it is not regarded with such anticipation as those foods which are high in fat. The truth is that sugar has zero nutritional value and has been shown to cause a spike in appetites as well.

Further studies by dermatologists suggest that eating sugary foods can significantly contribute to the development of wrinkles. Once again it is found that when glucose enters the bloodstream it attaches to the proteins used by the body to keep our skin supple and affects their ability to perform. In such situations collagen and elastin are no longer able to help us in our battle against a weathered look.

Aging should be a natural process and we should not contribute to its acceleration. If we were to treat our bodies as a temple and take a much more educated look at what we eat or drink on a daily basis, then we would feel more productive and more able to take on the trials and tribulations that life presents to us each day. Many people preach that caloric restriction extends life expectancy by keeping the flow of insulin in check. Sugar addiction can cause insulin levels to become highly elevated and it follows that we will age far before our time, unless we’re careful.

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