Holistic Nutrition Guidelines To Help You Junk Your Sugar Addiction

Without a doubt, sugar is surely one of the most invasive products in our present day society, and it will likely become your biggest hurdle when it comes to implementing a sensible holistic nutrition lifestyle. Wherever you look, you will see sugar in one form or another and it is often masquerading under assumed names in a variety of other places as well. Don’t underestimate the power of sugar, because it’s going to take an incredible effort on your behalf, and you’ll likely require the help of your family members or those whom you live with, to help you pull through the stressful early stages of dealing with your sugar addiction.

The first thing you should do is to conduct as much research as you can. There are some excellent resources available to help you compose a plan of attack. You should also start to learn about the different forms that sugar takes and how it is included in (unfortunately) a majority of the foods and drinks these days. Become an expert at reading food labels. These can be difficult to understand at first glance, but remember that all the figures relate to a specified “portion size,” which is usually rather different from the typical helping that we give ourselves.

Look to fruit for one of your truly sensible holistic health solutions. When we were young, we were told that eating an apple a day could “keep the doctor away” and fruit certainly has many additional benefits, minerals and vitamins. The sugar contained within fruits is naturally occurring and will interact with your body in a different way, helping to make you feel satisfied. Fruit should be the primary weapon in your arsenal against sugar addiction.

Processed foods contain added sugars, as this helps to preserve them during the time that they spend in distribution and on display in your supermarket. Even the most basic of foods such as white rice will put you into a low blood sugar cycle and white bread and white potatoes will also have a negative effect. Nutritionists suggest red potatoes or brown rice instead.

You may need the help of your family members or roommates, and while they may not be on the same page as you – not being willing to throw out all their addictions just yet, they should nevertheless become keenly aware of what you are trying to do. Where at all possible, you do not want to see any of those sugar-crave-inducing temptations, especially during the first critical days.

Before you embark upon this challenging, but necessary journey to end your sugar addiction, remember to research and really understand about all those foods that do not contain sugar – those grains, nuts and vegetables and so on. Some of them may be very alien to our traditional Western diet and you may not even know where to look for them in the grocery store! However, if you become very familiar with what they are and how they can be prepared to provide nutritious meals, then you’ll certainly have a fighting chance at sustaining your new healthy lifestyle.

When you realize how much more productive and fulfilling your life is, you may well be upset that you did not adopt an approach to holistic nutrition sooner.

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