Holistic Nutrition And The Cold Hard Facts With Sugar Addiction

You might not believe you have a sugar addiction, choosing to refute the old saying that tells us that anything that tastes really nice is bound to be bad for us. Whether this belief is really accurate or not is open to debate, but it most definitely applies to an excessive amount of sugar. Like many other things we need to absorb in moderation, as while sugar can give us energy, too much of it is certainly unhealthy.

We need energy to function and sugar certainly gives this to us. Our body converts sugar into glucose, but the main problem we face as we indulge in our “instant fix” diets is that we turn to simple sugars, rather than complex sugars or carbohydrates. Simple sugars contained within sweets and soda or pop give no lasting value to the human body and we generally tend to eat added sugars rather than those naturally occurring, such as found in fruits, or within a more holistic nutrition plan.

Speaking in general terms, foods that have added sugars usually have very little nutritional value to people, and are often packed with calories – which to their misfortune and to our regret, adds to the world wide obesity problem on a daily basis.

In a typical diet, soda represents the number one source of sugar intake, yet it provides little to us apart from contributing to the problem of tooth decay and leading to those annoying “sugar rush” feelings, closely followed by lethargy or sluggishness.

It’s certainly worth while keeping in mind that a 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola contains roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar inside it. If you can easily imagine putting 10 spoons of sugar into a small soda can, it should put you off buying Coca-Cola for at least a little while!

Remember that sugar cravings are often put down to the possession of a “sweet tooth,” and little is thought of this. However, too much sugar can quickly lead to intense mood swings, digestive problems, blood pressure issues, obesity, allergies, chronic fatigue, and headaches.

It’s important to understand that the traditional Western diet plays too heavily on convenience, the quick fix, taste enhancements provided by fats or simple sugars and not enough on a balanced caloric intake, common sense and longevity. We might view sugar as our innocent friend but in truth, if not checked, it can lead to serious health issues and a less than productive daily life.

Many people wonder why they’re not as productive as they could be from time to time and often put this down to them just having an off day, whereas in the majority of cases a poor diet is often the reason for our lack of performance. We tend to rely on sugars and temporary fixes or that cup of coffee, not fully comprehending that we are shortcutting our way to problems and should really be looking into holistic health solutions.

Understanding the cold hard facts about your sugar addiction could lead to a more productive and fulfilling life.

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