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Memory has been something of a miracle since human birth. However, age, stress, illnesses, heredity, lack of sleep and other factors of the steeply pacing world do influence adversely the way me memorize and at some points may even lead to senile imbecility and the like diseases. However, the nature prepared many great remedies for those who is prone to problems with memory. Natural herbs may be used for correcting the memory failures and increasing the brain power. Perhaps, in any country of the world there is a special recipe or a least of herbs that can be used to increase the memory potential, still, we would like to offer you the one of our own.

Indeed, the most important on our list is ginkgo biloba. This is an extract from the Chinese tree that has a positive influence on blood circulation, cerebral function and grey cells. For those who suffer from Alzheimer’s the herb helps to reduce the effect and to some degree slower the degeneration of the brain. Those who took the herb spoke of the increase in thinking abilities and mental focusing.

The next place is given to gotu cola, a herb widely used in ayurvedic practices. It is said to aid in systemic circulation and naturally to mnemonic activities. In fact, this herb is great for revitalization of nervous system, slowering the process of ageing and increasing mnemonic potential. Because it improves cerebral blood flow, it helps to bring more oxygen to the cells and thus, the body begins to operate better. We would also like to say that this herb is great for those who attempt to stop smoking.

Another plant is so common that our statement will leave you puzzled. Rosemary is a great remembrance herb. Its odor makes your brain work better. Rosemary tea taken every day will significantly increase your brain potential.

We proceed to the fifth place of our chart. Bacopa scrophulariaceae is the next herb to follow. We here would like to offer you a recipe for your memory. You need to take 7 gr of dry herb leaves, ground it in water with pepper, almonds, and 25 gr of sugar. This mixture should be consumed 30 minutes before food intake for great results.

Next comes sage. Tea from sage was used in many mountainous regions for good feel and memory improvement. The scientists discovered that the herb has a direct effect on the brain cortex, and thus reduces mental exhaustion and increases concentration capacity. The herb is usually consumed as tea three times a day.

And finally, we get to almonds. Not only do almonds help to reduce high blood glucose levels but they also are beneficial for increasing memory. Seven almonds without cover eaten on an empty stomach in the morning help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

We are changing, and this can be seen even in the way we take care of our health. Today lots of people use herbs for health, rather than pills. Of course that does not mean that herbs for health can be the ultimate fix. Plus, as this market is growing, cheaters can try to penetrate into herbs for health as well. But if you make a wise and nicely balanced decision – they can really assist you.

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