Helpful Tips On How To Conquer Overeating

Overeating is something we’ve probably all been guilty of doing at one time or another. Well, all of that food might have been yummy going down, but it’s something you’re going to eventually pay for, in more ways than one.

When you binge in this fashion it means that you will invariably not chew your food properly — and remember that it should be liquefied before swallowing — as large chunks of food will simply be difficult for your G.I. tract to cope with. Nobody should eat in this fashion at all and certainly not regularly. However, as human beings we all tend to do things that we shouldn’t.

In the event that you splurge on a meal which is particularly heavy, toxic material should be eliminated as quickly as possible. A colon cleanse represents the fastest and easiest way to do this. All of this may sound overwhelming, but I’ve spent years studying and researching the incredible impact that good nutrition and bad nutrition has on the body; and I know that we have the power to change bad habits and to experience a healthier way of living through holistic nutrition.

Fasting goes hand in hand with exercising regularly and eating the right food – food that has a high nutritional value and that is rich in antioxidants. The good news is that food rich in antioxidant properties can help slow the harmful processes that cause cellular damage in the body. Cellular damage can lead to cancer and diseases, as well as speed the aging process.

There is nothing new about the connection between good diet and health care and aging. It bears repeating, however, especially for those that are overweight and all of us need to hear this message, over and again.

I’ve come to the realization that the only method to ensure a long and healthy life is to consume the right kinds of foods by carefully following holistic nutrition guidelines, and to curtail the amount of food most of us ingest on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean I want you to starve yourself, but you need to know that the quantity of food many of us are consuming is overloading our systems; and some of the food we’re eating is making us sick, and can even, eventually, kill us.

We have known for centuries about holistic nutrition and the need to adopt a good and healthy dietary lifestyle. However, life is very hectic these days and it’s easy to opt for fast food, to dine out often and forget what we are causing our bodies to ingest. To put it to you in a friendly way, always nourish your body with the right food types and take time to cleanse, heal and rest through the use of fasting procedures.

We can look back in history all the way to the days of Socrates and Plato to see how fasting was recommended as a way to care for the body, to “attain mental and physical efficiency.”

The second century Greek philosopher and physiologist Galen agreed. Pythagoras, well known as a mathematician and philosopher, fasted for up to a month at a time. We are told that one of the original founders of medicine, Paracelsus, observed that “fasting is the greatest remedy.” Even the great Hippocrates, “father of medicine,” regularly prescribed fasting to his patients.

Following in those great footsteps, the Hippocrates Health Institute, since the mid-50s a leader in complementary healthcare and natural alternatives, promotes the virtues of fasting one day each week. Pretty impressive words of wisdom from some of the world’s greatest thinkers, wouldn’t you say?

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