Health & Fitness Is Not A Waste Of Time

Fitness essentially meansthe state of being healthy. Hence, it will really be wonderful if people will spend more time on fitness throughout their lives.

It is stated in the Scriptures that our body is our temple. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take good care of it. For this reason, maintaining the health of both the mind and the body is a noble act.

But of course, this involves a great amount of effort as well as thorough actions. Anyhow, no matter how tough it will be, the fruit is very rewarding. If you want a happy and healthy life, not all are privileged to have it, only the diligent few.

Fitness exercise is very important on one’s routine. Through fitness exercise, people are able to fight several diseases. One of the main diseases that needs to be fought is that killer disease, heart disease.

Sadly, more and more people nowadays tend to ignore this kind of activity. Hence, more and more people too are suffering from different diseases. No wonder hospital businesses are prospering by gaining lots of clients, even it is against the will of these patients.

In fact, the suggested activities for fitness and health by the Council of the President on Physical Fitness and the Surgeon General are not generally followed by high school students nowadays. These young people make up 33 percent of the population of the United States.

The attitude of neglecting physical fitness of today’s young people is usually carried by them into their adult lives . Of course, this results in an increase on the number of sufferers from various diseases caused by weak resistance.

The National Institute on Aging took a survey in America and found only 58 percent of its people are making physical fitness a part of their lifestyle . This fitness program is done only in their free time. Only about 26 percent are regularly performing the lifetime fitness program, and then, only about three times a week.

The importance of a commitment to lifetime exercise is always being stressed in the media. However, more often then not, people neglect it. Too frequently people disregard the fact that physical fitness is so beneficial that it can lengthen their life .

You have probably heard that the most common causes of death are heart disease, stroke, accidents, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory ailments. These diseases are actually the five most common causes of deaths yearly as reported by the Center for Disease Control.

Think about it. Most of the most commonly causes of deaths can easily be avoided. But only if more people start to take the need for exercise more seriously . There is no telling how much longer a person’s life can be extended if they are more physically fit. Bergen County Adult Fitness is a goal of the Ridgewood YMCA as well as many other YMCAs across the county.

When referring to lifetime fitness program, we are not only dealing with physical exercise. Also, this program includes a diet that needs to be strictly followed .

It is very certain that with a lifetime commitment to physical fitness, life will be lengthened. With a healthy mind and body you can enjoy life more.

The decision is yours. Will you be cautious of your health and commit to staying physically fit ? Or will you decide to abuse your body and suffer more in the end? Bergen County Health & Fitness is being gained at the Ridgewood YMCA. Check out the YMCA in your area.

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