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From times immemorial, herbs have always been a vital component of major therapies and healing practices. They were the most important component for healing someone before the era of synthetic drugs came. In oriental countries herbal therapies have perhaps the longest history and continue to develop even nowadays. Christianity looked down at the herbal therapies for many years which lead to the fact that many herbs used by shamans of Indian tribes, or sorcerers of Slavonic tribes, or yogi of India. Nowadays many of the pearls of wisdom of those cultures have been unveiled for the general public and herbal science became an officially recognized branch of medicine.

Presently, yoga has become one of the most faithful followers of the healers of the past. The practitioners use the knowledge stored by the centuries of application to a full extent. Thus, ayurveda developed from the combination of yoga practices and knowledge of herbs. For example, ginseng is recognized as particularly helpful herb from China for toping up.

In yoga ginseng helps with increasing chi energy that is kept deep in our body. The muscles grow stronger and the nerves rest. Due to its strengthening properties ginseng is known as longevity herb. It is even recommended to vegetarians who need nutrients they are not getting due to lack of meat consumption. For anyone practicing yoga ginseng makes the difference. It makes the person feel refreshed after the exercises, the body seem to be revitalized, and the muscles grow stronger and fitter. To repeat, ginseng is great for those who do the asanas.

No less important for yoga is the herb called tang kuei. Its first and most important function is to support the reproductive system of women. The tonic made of tang kuei is considered to be rejuvenative. Additionally, it calms one’s nerves, and promotes well-being.

Bayberry, calamus and barberry are only a few of the long list of western herbs used for ayurvedic purposes. Their effects vary, yet, they are great in helping treating diseases like colds, sores, high blood pressure, and even fighting cancer. Other internationally acclaimed herbs include garlic, cinnamon, mint, aloe and many more.

To cut the long story short, ayurveda deals with the balance between soul and body. The recent openings and findings as well as globalization of the modern world have led to incorporation of the modern knowledge of herbs into the ayurvedic disease treatment and yoga practices. Is not that a great idea to have a sip of warm apple and cinnamon tree after yoga asanas? It does boost your energy and make you feel stress-free and relaxed. Any knowledge that helps us and makes us stronger and happier is the knowledge that is meant to be.

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