Halitosis Treatment Tips And Advice

Halitosis or bad breath is an embarrassing problem everyone has dealt with at some time. Some people suffer from this problem more so than others. There are two major causes of mouth odor, bacteria and decaying food particles. There are many small areas within your mouth that hold these elements. This problem cannot be cured with mouthwash or mints. Mouthwash and mints may be an immediate fix, but do not cure the problem.

Your tongue is one of the trouble areas. One of the trouble areas for bad breath is your tongue. Millions of tiny filaments similar to a shaggy rug trap tiny food fragments. The edge of a spoon or your toothbrush will work perfectly for this job. Scrapers are made especially for this hygiene but you can also use the edge of a spoon or a toothbrush to reach the entire surface. Be sure to thoroughly sanitize any appliances worn within the mouth, both orthodontic and preventative. Orthodontic and preventative mouth appliances should be thoroughly sanitized.

Retainers and mouth guards have the ability to catch bacteria, transferring it to diverse parts of the mouth. Bad breath is terrible in the morning due to a parched mouth. Very little saliva is produced while you sleep and this allows odors and germs to linger. Saliva utilizes enzymes to kill bacteria and wash away food particles. Chewing sugarless gum is a great stimulant for this production. Chew as much gum as you want. Bacteria will not reside in the mouth when saliva is being produced. Drinking water will not increase saliva, but it will wash out your mouth. Many people with bad breath will grab a mint, as this temporarily takes away the odor, but does not rid you of the cause.

If you have very good oral hygiene habits and bad breath still persists, you may need to contact a physician. Halitosis could be an indication of a physical illness. This could be a sign of something simple like postnasal drip or a more severe condition such as kidney disease. Medications for other illnesses may cause halitosis by drying out the mouth. When this occurs, be sure your doctor is aware of the problem.

Another form of the medicine may need prescribed. Individuals should always be aware of any changes and bad breath must be treated seriously.

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