Green Tea: So Why It's Regarded As The Weight Loss Phenomenon

Recent scientific tests have been affirming something which the Chinese have known for over 4000 years – Green tea is among the most healthy things on this planet. Just what does this amount to then? Well, increasingly more proof shows that green tea is loaded with many health advantages. Regular intake of a cup or two of green tea every day will help you achieve optimum health states. Here are just a few things that green tea can do:

*Increase your metabolism
*Boost vitality
*Block fat absorption
*Boost the immune system
*Encourage healthier skin
*Reinforce concentration and mental function
*Fight the process of aging
*Promote oral health
*Safeguard the body against ailments

All teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant and may be grouped into 4 major types: green, white, black and Oolong tea.

Tea type is determined by a process described as oxidization. We’ll spare you the boring details, just understand that the more oxidization a tea goes through during refinement, the darker it gets. Very dark tea then has been subject to much oxidization and carries more caffeine. Green tea is unoxidized, which means it has less aroma and caffeine but retains much more of its potent nutrients and antioxidants.

Green tea has fewer flavors than Oolong or black tea, however that doesn’t make it any less delightful. Its flavor is better described as “fresh” and “light”, and is wonderfully refreshing whether hot or cold.

Weight Loss Utilizing Green Tea

Among the most exciting and renowned features of green tea is its potential to assist in reducing weight. Besides its energy building properties, green tea is a weight loss tea that improves your metabolism and blocks the absorption of fat to your body.

While weight loss claims about green tea have not been properly certified by research studies yet, proof is adding up however. There’s certainly enough for people to confidently say that green tea must be the refreshment of choice for anybody who’s trying to lose the pounds. That could be just for starters considering that green tea has a lot more to deliver other than simple weight loss.

Around 2006, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition released a document revealing that tea comes with the most health advantages as opposed to every other drink aside from water. It offers the important hydration that plain water will, and besides this, green tea also supplies formidable antioxidants that keep away particular illnesses and health issues including cardiovascular disease, cerebral vascular accidents, viral infections and in many cases most cancers.

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