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To tell the truth, back pain is the most common pain in the world after headache and stomachache. This type of pain if felt by millions of people around the world. In fact, this is pain that is caused by pinching of sciatic nerve that runs from the spine to the toe. If untreated, the pain tends to return causing more problems to the person. The major causes of sciatica are stress, tiredness, lack of movement and exercise, wrong eating habits and injury. The problem with sciatica pain is that it is generally causing temporal disability. Yet, sciatica is not actually a disease. It is not caused by a virus and does not need surgical treatment. Sciatica is generally treated either by medication or by massage.

To reduce the pain a number of other things can be done. For instance, there are different types of exercise that help to treat sciatica back pain quite successfully. Usually, there are specially trained specialists at hospitals that offer you simple, yet, effective movements that are aimed at strengthening back muscles and stretching them. In addition, it is advisable to change one’s lifestyle to a more active one. Relaxing after stress and hard work is simply what the doctor ordered to avoid sciatica pain. Additionally, water sports like water exercise or simply swimming help with sciatica a lot. However, one should try to plan one’s life in such a way as to avoid any activity that may cause back injury.

Once you decide to reconsider your life plan you should start moving into the right direction. Hire a sciatica exercise trainer or join the group of those who work on sciatica problem. There you will be taught to do the exercises that will be directed at stretching and making the muscles of your body firmer. If you don’t feel like joining some of sciatica groups you may try any of the following practices like pilates, yoga or thai chi. All of these are great in making you feel much better and stronger. What is more, you will find that sciatica pain will leave forever.

Another thing that you should consider is your eating habits. Try excluding pork from your daily menu. It is also great to stick to a diet of green vegetables and fresh fruit. If you have sciatica, try drinking herbal teas with honey. Natural honey is one of the greatest ingredients that help to reduce inflammation. To tell the truth, drinking a lot is essential. Herbal teas with nettle, John’s wort, brotherwort, camomile, wormwood or nard are great in helping relieve your sciatic nerve pain. Freshly squeezed juices also make wonders, especially vegetable celery juice.
In the nutshell, fighting sciatic nerve pain means changing your lifestyle and eating habits.

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