Fosamax Plus D – A Drug Review

A special warning was released by the FDA on antidepressants such as Zoloft because of the results of studies done on the drugs. Taking of antidepressant medications especially in children and young adolescents may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and ideations as per the Archives of General Psychiatry. No suicide attempts were recorded but the increase of suicidal ideations in children that were part of the sample population was observed. The result and other studies similar to this are touted as controversial as some in the medical community continues to reject the presented facts. Although the FDA required warnings on antidepressant labelling with regard to children and young adolescent use, the agency doesn’t forbid doctors to use it in pediatric patients. It is also not wise to discontinue the medications as serious adverse effects such as link between Fosamax and esophageal cancer which FDA recently reviewed can occur.

Suicide Ideations

A definition on suicidal ideation indicated that it is the want to take your own life. Simply put, it means that you are thinking of committing suicide. Although this doesn’t include committing suicide per se, it is generally used as a term to pertain on the intent of committing suicide including the act on how to do it. Suicidal ideations can most often be a result of major depression and/or bipolar disorder. When a person expresses a wish to die, this should not be taken for granted. Suicidal ideations can be grouped into two and they are as follow:

• Active
The person has a definite plan on how to perform the act.

• Passive
The desire to die has been expressed but an actual plan to carry out death has not been made.

Suicidal ideations can also be a person’s call for help. If a person happens to verbalize suicidal thoughts and ideations, it is highly advised that he/she be taken to medical professionals who can help. By not ignoring a person with suicidal ideations; you might have prevented a suicide attempt from happening.

How to Manage Suicide Ideations

If a person suffers from major depression or any case of mental illness, it would be ideal to bring him/her in a medical facility. In worst cases, hospitalization is needed but the prescription of antidepressants such as Zoloft is often times made. Your physician will however weigh down the pros and cons of the medication according to your condition because side effects such as Fosamax lawsuit can affect pregnant women and those of childbearing age. Since Zoloft may also increase the risk of suicide ideations in children, an alternative treatment option may be considered.

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