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Being an online health food store owner, I am continually searching for the top whole foods and health drinks. During the post holiday shopping season I decided it was safe to go to the mall. It was effortless to park right in front of the most gigantic health food store I had ever seen. I probably shouldn’t mention their name, but it should suffice to say that many of the “health drinks” and supplements they advertise are not very “high” in seriously beneficial nutrition.

While my wife shopped around the mall, I began comparing ingredient labels with those at our online health food store to find out what really made those super protein blasters and vitamin waters so popular that they needed this gigantic store. Maybe this little trip to the gigantic health food chain will help you stay away from some of the ingredients that are anything but healthy in many of their products. Then, you will start to understand how an online health food store can be a better way to get the best whole foods and health drinks.

Different from a naturally focused online health food store, the big health food store at the mall hypes those candy-colored, enhanced vitamin waters. The pretty, colored bottles were everywhere, attracting consumers to the bright colors, the low, low prices, and the hope of a health drink they might really like. It is unfortunate that these drinks are not much better than other convenience store products.

At the outset, the crystalline fructose (concentrated sugar) content in this particular vitamin water was more than enough bad nutrition in one bottle for me. Oh, and if your body could actually absorb the isolated vitamins infused into the water, you might get health drinks that are worth $1.50. However, isolated vitamins that are not attached to whole foods usually break down before the body can use them for fuel. In this health food store I could clearly see there were no whole foods in those flashy bottles of enhanced vitamin water.

Here are a few other ingredients I uncovered on the labels that I choose to avoid when promoting whole foods and health drinks for our online health food store: crystaline fructose, high fructose corn syrup, and basically, anything with processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, Xylitol, Aspartame, saccharine, or modified corn starch. I also choose to stay away from “isolated” protein drinks. The body cannot easily digest most protein drinks because they are often made from “isolated” protein, which clogs the lymphatic system. Many fitness experts agree it is a myth that average humans needs the excessive levels of protein in some of the biggest selling muscle blasting health drinks. In fact, all that excess protein is creating kidney and liver problems for some fitness fanatics.

Excess protein and sugars are just a couple of the ingredients I try to avoid in my constant quest for whole foods and health drinks that are truly beneficial for the body. What ingredients are you concerned about in your supplements? I hope you’ll have as much fun reading labels as I did at the giant health food store. Until then, check out whole foods and health drinks at an online health food store.

Author Cliff Everett Smith is the CEO of, an online health food store that specializes in the best, concentrated whole foods and health drinks available to consumers in the 21st Century.

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