Fitness Rules With The Help Of These Diets

It has become a lifestyle for people to follow diets. Each person desires to become thin and look good. One should aim at a loss of weight which is not followed by putting on more weight. In order to achieve the latter, one should aim at losing weight in a healthy and systematic manner. Most people and dietitians across the world strongly believe in this principle. In this perspective there are several diets which have been crafted.

Atkins diet is one of the most popular ones. The diet proposes one to consume less carbs. The craftsmen of the diet feel that a rise in insulin leads to increasing weight. While the diet encourages protein , it discourages fat and carbohydrates.

The Pritikin Principle is also a good diet which one can follow. While the diet aims at a high level of carbs, it discourages fat. The craftsmen of the diet feel that fat should not be consumed more than ten percent in a day. It leads to a reduction in calories and a good healthy lifestyle. On the other hand in case of Zone diet plan theory one needs to have foods rich which are in protein and a less proportion of carbohydrates. In fact the proportion of nutrients which is recommended in this case is a thirty percent of fats and protein and a forty percent share of carbohydrates in one’s diet plan. The South Beach Diet which is the next on line, feels that carbs and fat do not have much of a role to play, while proteins is the most vital nutrient. The reason for the above is that, fats and carbs lead to weight gain due to increased level of insulin in the blood stream.

Weight Watchers is one of the most interesting diets which are a good choice for ones who are extremely fitness conscious. On one hand they have a core plan which counts the density of the calories which one consumes. The second part is the flex plan which counts the number of points as per the food intake. There are points which are given to different types of food.

The effectiveness of these diets is extremely high, though each of them follow different principles.

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