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Medicare maintenance the medical insurance for people who at the age of 65 years and are more senior or which answer other criteria for the social program of the insurance, being in conducting the government of the United States. Medicare Programs are financed also by residing of training programs for the overwhelming majority of doctors at the United States. Medicare works as with one payer of system of public health services. The law on social security of 1965 has been accepted by the Congress in the end of spring-1965 and has come into force on July, 30th, 1965 president Lindon Johnson as amendments to the social security legislation. In the bill of ceremony of signing by President Johnson the former president Harry Truman the first beneficiary Medicare has arrived and has presented to the first card Medicare.

Medicare Centers and Medicaid Services (CMS), components of Department of public health services and social services of the USA (HHS), the State Children’s program of medical insurance (SCHIP), and also improvement of the clinical laboratory Amendment (ОРСУ) administers Medicare, Medicaid. Along with Department of work and the finance, CMS also realizes reforms of insurance of position about medical insurance and the accountability the Law of 1996 (HIPAA). Social security management is responsible for definition of acceptability Medicare and processing of insurance payments under program Medicare.

Main actuary CMS is responsible for granting of the information of book keeping and economic forecasts on Medicare Council of trustees with a view of rendering of the help by it in an estimation of a financial condition of the program. The commission on the law is obliged to publish annual reports on financial position Medicare trust funds, and these reports should contain a statement to opinion of the main thing actuary.

From the moment of the beginning of realization of program Medicare, CMS has contracts with the private companies to operate as intermediaries between the government and medical workers. These contractors, as a rule, are already in the field of insurance and public health services. Under the contract processes the doctor of the application becomes for participation, and also swindle is included in the claim and processing of payments, services Call Center, investigation.

Medicare social deductions entered by the Federal law of insurance payments (FICA) and independent employment to payments of the Law of 1954 are partially financed. In case with employees, the tax of equal 2, 9 % (1, 45 % are kept about the worker and conformity of 1, 45 % are paid by the employer) at a rate of wages, wages and other indemnifications in connection with employment. Till December 31st 1993, the law provides the maximum sum of wages etc., on which tax Medicare can be taken out in a year. Since January the 1st 1994 has been removed indemnification limit. In case of independently occupied persons, only 2, 9 % tax will employ the net profit should be paid for hiring, however half from the tax can be subtracted from the incomes calculated for the taxation.

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