FDA Warned the Public on Zoloft Causing Birth Defects

The U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) has released a warning on one of the most famous antidepressants in the market today as it has been associated with birth defects. Zoloft with generic name sertraline, has been linked to a variety of birth defects especially when taken around the third trimester of pregnancy. Zoloft also indicated in its website that pregnant women or those who are planning to conceive a child should consult their physician before taking the medication. A study that was published in New England Journal of Medicine around 2007 found out that women who took Zoloft had an increased chance of giving birth to babies with omphalocele, a type of birth defect. Doctors have been encouraged to be careful when prescribing the medication especially to women but unfortunately, some patients are reluctant in talking about depression to their doctors which is why they can’t receive the appropriate treatment.

Pregnant Woman With Depression

When a woman becomes pregnant, a lot of changes happen to her. This is the time where she must be very careful with the type of food she eats, her medications and the activities she performs. A lot of things should be considered because it will not only affect her health but more so her baby’s. There are plenty of factors to be considered because she is not only after her health but her baby’s as well. Everyone would want her pregnancy to be as healthy as it gets. However, women who are diagnosed with depression prior or during the course of pregnancy are high-risked. Depression can be harmful to the baby’s healthy especially with the treatments the mother has to have. This condition is managed generally with antidepressants but research has shown that it can cause birth defects when used by pregnant women. There are other alternatives to antidepressants such as hypnotherapy but other professionals would use it as an adjunct therapy to medications. Also for those who are taking antidepressants prior to being pregnant, it can’t be stopped cold turkey as doing so can yield more negative effects.

Pregnant Women and Use of Zoloft

Zoloft is antidepressant medication under the SSRI drug class. A Pregnancy Category C was given to Zoloft by the FDA and was reported to be the safest antidepressant among its drug class. However, with researches mentioning Zoloft birth defects such as clefts lip and palate, heart problems and neural tube defects among others, physicians are now more careful in prescribing the drug.

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