Fantastic Points On The All To Real Dangers Of Sugar

Thousands of years ago, when holistic nutrition was commonplace, the only sugar available was from fruits or honey, but as human technology has progressed, so has humankind’s ability to refine sugar from sugar cane or beets into a tasty sweetener.

Unfortunately, our bodies were not built to process refined sugar—it is alien to our systems. Raymond Francis, DSc, MSc, RNC, author of “Never Be Fat Again,” says that “feeding refined sugar to a human body is similar to burning high-octane aircraft fuel in an automobile engine. Impressive amounts of energy, but after a while, you damage the engine.”

He is right on the money, here. We have “damaged our engines.” Diseases are much in evidence as we have accelerated our sugar consumption over the decades.

While our bodies are trying desperately to somehow process these useless refined sugars, they are forced to deplete important vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be keeping us balanced, healthy and functioning properly. The body’s balanced state is known as homeostasis, and intense disruptions to it over years of time lead to all kinds of life-threatening, yet preventable situations, such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease and cancer among them.

When our body is trying to deal with this sugar, it re-directs some vitamins that would ordinarily help us to digest food. As our food is not digested correctly, many of the nutrients that ARE contained within the food that we eat, are wasted. Food allergies start to spring up as a consequence of improper digestion. Food allergies cause serious physical, emotional and cognitive problems, as well as decreased immunity. Digestion is only one of many bodily functions that are severely impaired when we consume sugar. And just look at all of the problems that causes!

Sugar also causes reactive hypoglycemia, a dramatic rise and fall of blood sugar which creates a strong craving for more sweets (which starts the cycle all over again). Sugar intake can bring on trembling, amnesia, and even hallucinations and violent behavior, similar to what you might see with the use of addictive drugs. These reactions can mimic mental illnesses.

Sugar calories are called “empty,” as they truly have no minerals or vitamins within. Just look at people who eat mainly sugary foods and you will see why they always feel sluggish. We also know that consuming too much sugar leads to fat build-up in the belly, hips, buttocks and breasts.

If holistic nutrition studies aren’t a regular part of your daily life, you might not realize that once those areas are filled up, the liver starts depositing fat around vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Consequently, high blood pressure will result and your brain function could be impaired. Even in the short term, your brain is affected by sugar. In fact, you’ll likely feel the effects right away. As soon as the “low” sets in, sugar dulls your brain, so you’ll feel sleepy. You will have trouble doing simple calculations and will also start to forget things.

Whenever you have a craving for ice cream, doughnuts or sugary cookies, just think about the chaos you are about to unleash on your body. You may be getting ready to swallow the recipe for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, kidney stones, yeast infections, headaches, arthritis or allergies. Really? Do you still want that slice of chocolate cream pie – or are you ready to give holistic nutrition a chance, and change your life forever.

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