Everyone Yearns To Look Good and To Be Healthy And Will do Anything To Attain That. But The Road To Health Has Its Dangers! Learn Why Good Healthy Eating Habits Is Fundamental Not only For Your Good Health But Also For Permanent Weight Loss.

The dieting industry is filled with dramatized and unashamed deceptive fat loss statements, which is address in this article. Plus , I reveal a few of the most damaging deceptions in this market .

The most successful fat loss schemes tend to be the ones that do not try to attract you with over keen weight loss assertions. Rather these schemes promote healthy, realistic fat loss goals of just 2-3 pounds every week.

That’s not to mean that you can not accomplish fat loss greater than 2 pounds a week. However, the higher the goal you set yourself (within reason of course) the more effort you will need to give to it.

Here’s what many dieters do not seem to understand, you do not just wake up one morning and find yourself fat. Of course not . The process of getting fat is slow , progressive and invasive ..

…And if it does not amazingly occur over night , why would you suppose that you can shed so much fat so quickly?

The reality is you do not amazingly shed a colossal amount of fat so quickly – NOT NATURALLY in any case .

It takes a reasonable period of time for your body to naturally burn fat , and ONLY this kind of fat loss is LONG-TERM and PERMANENT .

Statements of swift and exceptional fat loss are untruthful and misleading and it will only end in disillusionment, heartbreak and bad health.

Researchers have revealed that in excess of ninety-five percent of dieters regain their original weight after a diet program ceases , and furthermore, many diets are:

  • Causes your metabolism to slow down – creating the conditions for a vicious weight gain and weight loss cycle to emerge.
  • Nutritionally inadequate – leaving you feeling bad .
  • Too difficult to follow
  • Slow and exasperating

Here’s something else that most dieters do not realize. If someone wanted to lose 5 pounds in just one week, for it to be completely fat loss there would have to be a calorie shortfall of 17,500 in that week by itself! You could not pull this off except if you were continually exercising !

In addition when you are on a low caloric diet , of that 5 pounds lost, as stated above there is only about one pound of “fat” loss. The residue is largely fluid and some muscle tissue .

When the physiology of the body balances after a diet, the body restores the lost water and muscle , which is the main explanation why many dieters will restore to their original weight or more after a diet.

Another ridiculous weight loss assertion that many diet food companies misuse is the belief that fat is not good for you and ought to be shunned .

In the book “The Zone”, Dr. Barry Sears stated that “You have to eat fat to lose fat!”. While that’s right, in truth there’s good fats and bad fats that you need to distinguish .

Fat is crucial for 2 major reasons:

1. It sends an instruction to the brain to say that you’re full after a meal , which serves to prevent over- eating.

2. It reduces the rate of the absorption of carbs into the blood, lowering your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Another point about low Glycemic Index foods is that science has revealed that eating low Glycemic Index foods helps to:

1. Stabilize the amount of insulin produced by the body.
2. Release a combination of hormones that influences the release and burning of fat from fat cells.
3. Keep your metabolism rate high to burn more calories and fat, as it does not slow down with low glycemic index food diets, in comparison to other diets.

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