Electronic Cigarettes: A Brief Introduction

Many of you have no doubt try to quit smoking with either patches or nicotine flavored chewing gum. Myself and others alike have also tried the cold turkey method and this is definitely the toughest way. Most of you would agree, these methods simply do not work, and most people do end up going back to smoking.

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You are not alone though, I have tried everything to quit smoking in the past. None of these alternative nicotine delivery systems have worked for me personally. That’s when I started looking into electronic cigarettes.

You might have heard about them on the news or have even read about them in magazines. Electronic cigarettes are basically devices that help deliver clean nicotine into your system to help you get off traditional cigarettes. Nicotine filled cartridges are attached to the device, and every time you draw air from it, the liquid is heated up by the atomizer. The liquid is then evaporated and turned into smoke. But this isn’t really smoke.

So the big question is, are electronic cigarettes safe? I think if you were to compare analog cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, the latter is a much safer option. Nicotine juices are generally safer because they do not contain all the harmful toxins that are present when you burn tobacco. The liquid used in the cigarettes contain mostly nicotine and food flavoring.

With the nicotine liquids, you are also able to choose your milligram strength and this is crucial in helping you slowly cut down the amount of nicotine being fed into your body. Over time, you will be able to successfully cut down the amount of nicotine you use to nothing. Once you no longer experience withdrawal symptoms on zero milligram nicotine liquids, your body will no longer be dependent on nicotine. This means that you would have successfully quit smoking.

The sensation you get from inhaling on an electronic cigarette is identical, and in some cases even better, than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes to provide the same, and if not better sensation as regular cigarettes in terms of throat hit. This is the sensation you get in your lungs and your throat when you take a drag. This is what makes E cigarettes different from patches and gum.

Most people, myself included, who have tried electronic cigarettes for a few days find that they are able to quit smoking. Not only that, they never go back to analogue cigarettes because they just taste so much worse.

Where can you buy these devices from? There are literally thousands of different manufacturers and brands online and you can learn about all the big names from my website. There are literally thousands of choices available as well. Certain electronic cigarettes are easier for beginners while others are more fiddly and are suited to the advanced user. How much do they cost? The prices really vary depending on what you want and can cost anywhere from $50 to a couple of hundred dollars. The more expensive devices will tend to provide a better smoking experience compared to the cheap ones. Start off with a cheap starter kit, that is my advice to you. If you like the experience, then by all means, upgrade your unit.

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