Easy Skincare Strategies For Acne And Scars

Serious acne problems can be the result of blockages that occur deep under the surface of the skin in the sebaceous glands. These blockages can appear on the back, upper chest, or face and resemble sizable bumps. One of the reasons these blockages form is the presence of dead skin cells. If you are interested in getting rid of the dead skin cells so they don’t block your pores, consider having your skin exfoliated. Unfortunately, it may not work, as there are no 100% guaranteed results. One thing to keep in mind is the well-known fact that acne can be a genetic problem. It might affect some family members and leave other family members alone. Therefore, exfoliation is a good idea if you are not genetically predisposed to acne. Even so, exfoliating your skin too often has drawbacks. It can cause damage to your skin.

Finding the acne treatment that works is a process. When you are told not to squeeze your pimples, this admonishment is based on sound logic. It is possible to encourage the formation of scar tissue if you squeeze your pimples. If you find scarring, you can reasonably assume that there was damage to the skin. If you squeeze, you must be particularly careful not to draw blood. This will definitely result in the formation of scars or, at the very least, enlarged pores. You can very gently squeeze if the blemish is very near the surface. First, soften the blemish by applying warm – not hot – water to the area with a washcloth. Once this is done, you can lightly squeeze the blemish to remove some of the pus. Do not attempt to “get everything” because that is when you can cause damage.

If you do have acne scars on your face, this is usually the result of an excessive amount of collagen. Acne scars are unsightly and something that most people, that have them, wish would go away. Others, if the scars are not too much, then they may not have such an interest.

Those that have scars more than likely squeezed their pimples which led them to having scars on their face. An acne blemish of any kind should always be left alone and never squeezed or popped. If you are impatient about getting rid of acne on your face, you may find yourself squeezing them often. You should actually never squeeze your pimple until you can see that it will pop easily, or else you may spread the infection in your skin. More acne info can be found here.

The general reason as to why acne forms is because the passageways in the follicles are blocked. What you will see are different types of conditions depending on the extent of the blockage. Both increased amounts of sebum being excreted and dead skin cells contribute to the blockages. Also, if a blackhead happens to form it’s called an open comedone. But there is a condition in which the comedone can be closed and exist below the skin surface.

Making sure that your skin is in good hands, consult a dermatologist for their expert advice. You will get the most accurate feedback about your skin and condition. Once you are done with your appointment, they may prescribe some medication to help with your acne.

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