Drinking Every Day and Personal Health

It is somewhat common knowledge that drinking red wine has been associated with a range of health benefits. It’s true – there is an antioxidant called resveratrol in red wine that comes from the skin of the red grapes used to make the wine. Antioxidants are known to be good for the heart as well as have some anti-aging effects. Red wine has also been linked to reducing the onset of kidney stones and ovarian cancer and reduces the incidence of strokes. The risk for heart disease can also be reduced by drinking red wine because it helps reduce the production of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Case in point – the country of France has a low occurrence of heart attacks and is also a country where wine is very popular.

Historically, red wine was believed to be the only type of wine with health benefits, but recent studies suggest that white wine can also have some health benefits. Some studies have even found that moderate intake of white or red wine can increase life expectancy by as much as five years due to the health benefits that they provide. However, it is important to note that the health benefits from alcoholic beverages have only been connected to wine, not beer or hard liqour.

The idea of healthy drinking can be misleading, though. Of course it must be in moderation and part of a balanced diet, first and foremost. Men should limit themselves to no more than two 5 ounce glasses of wine a day and women should have no more than one. Like anything, too much alcohol drinking will negate any of the aforementioned health benefits, so the excuse of “health” is not a good one for overindulgence.

On top of that, it is still a good idea to remain alcohol free for a few days a week and only drink occasionally during the week. Those same scientists who have identified the health benefits of drinking wine will also tell you that falling in to a routine of drinking alcohol every day can be dangerous and unhealthy for an number of other reasons. It is also important to add that driving after drinking, even one or two glasses of wine, is never a good idea.

Drinking on a regular basis can become a problem. A lot of people wrongly assume that the only people with drinking problems are those that stagger out of a bar every night and wake up with a hangover every day. That is not necessarily true. If you drink most nights of the week or frequently have more than two or three drinks while drinking, you could have a dependency problem. In addition to the possible negative health consequences, this type of behavior can easily end you up in jail or worse. Save yourself the trouble of ever having to hire a Colorado DUI attorney by never drinking and driving. Even people that stay under the legal limit of 0.08 can be arrested for driving under the influence and will need Denver DUI lawyers to help get them out of trouble.

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