Drinkable Bacteria Free Water Is A Requirement For The Well-Being Of The Human Species

Clean, drinkable water is a necessity for the wellbeing of the human species. Water quality is beginning to become an increasingly challenging problem in the world community. Not only is the shortage of drinking water a major issue, but the standard of the available water is being degraded by assorted types of pollution. Diverse kinds of pollutants are tarnishing water around the world. The issue of the right way to keep existing water sources clean and the way to find new ways to clean tainted water to make it safe for drinking is being studied by executives and scientists around the world.

We need drinking water to be clean and safe for the health and wellbeing of folks using it. Unsafe water may cause severe illnesses that are extremely contagious, that will sweep thru entire population groups. Often water sources, like a lake or stream becomes contaminated by over-population of the area around it. Too many people use the water for too many things. If a population uses a lake to wash clothes in, to water cattle in and/or to dump waste in it, it will become polluted. Add business and farm run off and the issue become far worse. Our water sources need to be managed to defend the water quality.

Water can become hazardous when bacteria and microorganisms get into the supply, rendering it hazardous for human consumption. Bacteria can be introduced into a water supply by farm runoff, sewage discarding or spills, natural catastrophes like floods, earth quakes and hurricanes, runoff from roads or parking lots and over use for human and animal washing. Industrial chemicals and insecticides can endanger the healthiness of anybody drinking the water they taint. The world water supply is limited, so when its water quality is degraded to be hazardous to use, there is nowhere to go for more. No water to drink, no human race. There’s a large bottled water industry in the world today. People around the world are becoming so doubtful of the security of their drinking water supplies, they decide to purchase bottled water that has got a perception that the water quality is of a safe standard.

The bottle water industry is largely self-managed with only limited guidelines and needs per the standards that they have to be met. In a few developed nations, bottle water can be filled unfiltered direct from the tap or ground water ( spring water ). Have a look at your state or country regulations to see what i mean.

That is a solution for folks who have access to bottled water and the money to get it, but what about those that are too poor to buy bottled water?

In the final analysis the most practical answer would be to make the international effort to educate folks on the way to clean up polluted water sources and keep water quality at safe levels. Local populations, farmers, industries and govts all must cooperate to keep the worlds water clean and drinkable.

Is this dream viable? It is, without question surprisingly challenging. Protozoa’s, bacteria, viruses are growing at rapid rates around the globe, not only infecting human, but as well wild animals. These wild animals coincidentally contaminate our water ways by animal excrement or dead and crumbling carcasses in our water ways .

Science must find better methods to purify drinking water that even the poor can afford.

Luckily a company in Sydney, Australia has discovered a cost-effective way to provide portable clean drinking water for the masses at less than 1 cent a litre. They have harnessed surface technology to permit it to filter bacteria, protozoa’s and viruses out of water. It filters down to 0.01 microns. This is a minimum 5 times smaller compared to the smallest virus and one hundred times smaller in comparison to bacteria and protozoa’s.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at this scientifically assessed product. They do not twist the scientific results. It actually works and has been proven repeatedly in the field.

Visit their SureAqua site for more information.

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