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There are a variety of reasons why people suddenly feel the need to lose weight. Possibly a wedding, high school reunion, or vacation is near and you would feel more comfortable by dropping 10 pounds. The Cabbage Soup Diet is something you may want to consider if you only have 7 days to prepare. This high fiber, low-fat diet is not appropriate for long term weight loss, but may begin a more sensible eating plan.

The Cabbage Soup Diet limits your food intake to fruit, vegetables, cabbage, unsweetened beverages and other low calorie foods. Most people, on a moderate diet will lose approximately one pound per week with physical exercise. Most moderate diets can only produce a loss of one pound per week with physical exercise.

The cabbage recipe includes an array of vegetables combined with your favorite spices. Green onions, green peppers, diced tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, celery, cabbage, Lipton soup mix, bouillon cubes, V8 juice, water, and seasonings to taste are cooked together, providing the staple of your diet. When you grocery shop for the Cabbage Soup Diet stock up on fruit, vegetables, skim milk, chicken, fish, and beef while purchasing the recipe ingredients.

There is a strict 7 day regime to follow in order for the Cabbage Soup Diet to be successful. Day one consists of only soup and fruit with unsweetened tea or water. The second day is for leafy green vegetables eaten along with the soup. Eat all the fruits, vegetables, and soup you want for day three. Day four is to help curb the desire for sweets by allowing you to eat bananas with your soup and drink skim milk. The diet changes up on day five and includes beef and tomatoes, with days six and seven adding vegetables with rice.

This diet can only be successful if you do not wander from the daily schedule. It is recommended that your intake include a multivitamin supplement and 4 glasses of water per day. Eat plenty of soup; do not go hungry at any time. Different spices can liven up the cabbage soup if the flavor starts to get bland.

The Cabbage Soup Diet should not replace a long-term healthy lifestyle, but is a successful quick weight reduction program. Many people complain about putting the weight back on at the end of the 7 day diet and sometimes feeling light-headed. Many people complain about putting the weight back on at the end of the 7 day diet and sometimes feeling light-headed during the week.

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