Dieting And Health Trivia

Do you know as much about dieting and weight loss as you think you do? Below you’ll find some trivia questions and answers about different dieting and health topics. I have also added some facts that will be of interest. Have fun!

Fergie better known as the Duchess of York is a spokesperson for which weight loss method?

Answer: She advocates Weight Watchers

In 1963 Weight Watchers began. The company was founded by Jean Nidetch from Brooklyn. Weight Watchers is now available in thirty different countries.

Historically sailors suffered from what diet related condition?

Answer: Scurvy

A lack of Vitamin C will cause Scurvy. Even when dieting it is very important that you make sure that your body is getting its essential minerals and vitamins.

The Deal a Meal system of weight loss was created by which diet icon?

Answer: Richard Simmons

The famous Foodmover Method was also one of Richard Simmons’ diet plans. He advocates that people use a system of weight loss that involves both exercise and diet.

Which plant native to Africa is being hailed as the new great diet aide?

Answer: Hoodia

To help suppress their appetite the Bushmen of South Africa eat the Hoodia plant. Efforts are being made to commercially grow this endangered plant.

Which diet is famous for touting “good fats” and “good carbs”?

Answer: South Beach Diet

Dr. Arthur Agatston is the creator of this diet method. His diet book was first published in 2003.

If you are on a diet, how often should you weigh yourself?

Answer: Once a week.

If people do not see quick results from their efforts they are often disappointed, and they do not understand that weight may fluctuate from day to day.

“Food is a drug” is a saying used by which diet icon?

Answer: Barry Sears

The famous Zone Diet was started by Barry Sears. The Soy Zone and The Age Free Zone were follow up books to his best seller the Zone Diet.

Which diet guru has been working with McDonalds to create a healthier diet?

Answer: Dr. D. Ornish

Dr Dean Ornish is the author of the book Eat More Weigh Less. The diet recommends that people eat less refined carbohydrates and lower their fat intake. He started researching diets in his efforts to help his patients with heart disease.

Your body will increase its supply of which vitamin by eating liver?

Answer: Vitamin Bs

Liver is full of vitamins B7 ,3 12 and 5.You can get vitamin B12 from eggs.

Rickets is a sign that your body is lacking which vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is stored in the liver. To help reduce your chance of getting disease it is important to eat the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals.

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